Kaley on 'Bonnie Hunt Show' Posted February 4, 2009

Kaley on 'Bonnie Hunt Show'

Kaley Cuoco will stop by "The Bonnie Hunt Show" this Friday, February 6th, to discuss The Big Bang Theory.

Check your local listings or visit www.bonniehunt.com for more information.

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Maldwyn Dobbs United Kingdom, 03:01 Jun 29 2013.
Kaley Cuoco is excellently funny, ep22/24 Starring Bob Newhart was absolutely brilliant and considerate. The Big Bang Theory is the funniest programme ever. I love it and Kaley Cuoco is gorgeous!!!!
Robert Yerkes United States, 22:23 Feb 17 2012.
Kaley is such a gifted actress real nice show and I sure hopes she wins a EMMY this year.Should have got it last year judges must be blind and deaf
Eian United Kingdom, 18:31 Nov 28 2011.
Probably the funniest programme on the planet ever!
Nina Netherlands, 05:12 Aug 18 2011.
I love tbbt its funny . Sheldon it not evil just ...... Creepy and tbbt its soooooo nice

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