Episode 4.18 Ratings Posted March 11, 2011

Episode 4.18 Ratings

Last night's episode finished a strong second behind Fox's American Idol. The show's ratings were flat on the last new episode on February 24th.

The Big Bang Theory was watched by 12.13m people, down by around 0.4m from the last original episode. The show scored a 3.8/11 in the key adults 18-49 demographic, the same as its previous showing. The show scored an 8.7/14 rating in households. The show finished second behind American Idol in all key metrics.

More about the episode

'The Prestidigitation Approximation' - Season 4, Episode 18
Airs March 10, 2011 at 8/7c on CBS.

When Priya feels threatened by Leonard spending time with Penny, she forces him to cut her out of his life. Meanwhile, Howard plays mind games with Sheldon by performing a magic trick the great scientist can not figure out.

Comments (17)

Omran Egypt, 19:36 May 5 2011.
if we measure your effectiveness in the Humanity we will find the world will end soon
Iov Mada Romania, 01:56 Mar 31 2011.
You Rock in Romania !!!!
Dan Argentina, 01:15 Mar 30 2011.
The characters who put the show at the top are: "Sheldon and Penny". Why the complicate the story arond the come and goes... just indert more fun with the characters we larn to lova in the last almost 4 years!!
bb United States, 22:17 Mar 27 2011.
I really hope penny sticks around.
Marty B Australia, 18:41 Mar 27 2011.
this is a great episode of TBBT. its one of those ones that is funny but frustrating which is a good mix for me 10/10 for this episode love this seris keep up the awesome work.
Janneke Netherlands, 17:13 Mar 22 2011.
I really enjoyed this episode, and think Priya is a much needed change for Leonard's interest. I love Penny and she by far has my loyalty but she blossoms on the show more when she interacts with all the guys equally especially Sheldon and I'm digging her new gal pals. I hope TBBT keeps this up, changes have been good, only squibble is to let the jealous Penny go it's not becoming of her!
NBC India, 14:05 Mar 16 2011.
Couldn't get any better I first taught it was really a trick but after penny told she figured out as well it was confirmed its fake
kaveh Iran, 06:51 Mar 16 2011.
the trick is the best in recent episodes.tanx guys
Rocky Oman, 04:14 Mar 16 2011.
Loved this episode! Sheldon went crazy trying to figure out the magic trick!! HAHAHA!! LOVE THIS SHOW!!
Sam United Kingdom, 18:47 Mar 14 2011.
the storyline with penny and leonard has to be that they keep away from each other in that they cnt just hook up in this seasons finale bcoz where do they go with that the gd finale this time round would be penny to be offered a movie role and she has to question whether to go for it and leonard pushes her 2 take it unaware she would have to move that would be a gd twist ending

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