Big Bang Theory tops American Idol in key ratings

Big Bang Theory tops American Idol in key ratings

The Big Bang Theory finished ahead of Fox behemoth American Idol in the key 18-49 ratings demographic last night. Idol, now in its eleventh season, dominated the night's ratings, despite a year to year decline of around 25% in its ratings.

The 100th episode of The Big Bang Theory was watched by 15.83 million people, down only marginally from last week's audience of 16.13 million viewers. The Big Bang Theory finished second, behind Idol, in total viewers and households.

In the important 18-49 demographic, Big Bang beat American Idol in the same half-hour period with a 5.3/15 rating to Idol's 5.2/15. Idol's 18-49 rating rose to 5.7/15 for the 8 o'clock hour as a whole. Both Big Bang and Idol were adjusted up a tenth of a rating point in the final ratings. The Big Bang Theory matched its 18-49 rating from last week, seemingly unhurt by the return of the popular reality show. The Big Bang Theory was the night's most-watched and highest-rated scripted program. American Idol was the top show of the night overall.

  Posted January 20 2012 in The Big Bang Theory.

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John United States, 10:41 Jan 27 2012.
I can't imagine a 15 foot high Leonard on the big screen. The forehead alone would be blinding. Let's concentrate on BBT's declining quality. It needs to go back to fewer players and better writing, which made it the show we love.
Grandma D United States, 18:28 Jan 26 2012.
I think Amy -Sheldon's girlfriend should get a makeover. Wow Sheldon a little bit.
Anton Sweden, 16:41 Jan 26 2012.
This show is so amazingly good keep the good work up :D
Stitch United Kingdom, 14:29 Jan 26 2012.
Love the show, wouldn't pull any of the characters. A movie would be ace. Keep up the good work all involved
Denise A United States, 21:27 Jan 23 2012.
ALL the characters are brilliantly played.
sam United States, 19:28 Jan 23 2012.
This is the only show I watch. I'm not a t.v. watcher, but this show has me hooked. LOVE IT!!!!
peachly United Kingdom, 20:55 Jan 22 2012.
i think radge is a sik menmber funyy/class actor i also like sheldon because he like to think hes the smartest but realy hes a di*k lennards 10/10 for pullin penny well in son
tup United States, 19:59 Jan 22 2012.
less amy? are you crazy she is so funny1
Adi88 Romania, 03:34 Jan 22 2012.
Well done Big Bang!!!
phil United Kingdom, 05:03 Jan 21 2012.
love the show it rocks love it when they crack up over the gags

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