Episode 6.01 Ratings Posted September 28, 2012

Episode 6.01 Ratings

The sixth season premiere of The Big Bang Theory was Thursday night's top-rated and most-watched program. Compared to last year's hour-long season opener, The Big Bang Theory held steady in the adults 18-49 demographic and added by 1.24 million viewers in the overnight ratings.

"The Date Night Variable" was watched by 15.30 million people, up by 1.25m on the fifth season opener, The Skank Reflex Analysis. This was the show's largest audience since 5.18 The Werewolf Transformation. In the adults 18-49 demographic, the season six opener scored a 4.8/15 rating, matching the rating of last year's season premiere. The Big Bang Theory was the top-rated and most-watched broadcast of the night.

The newly relocated Two and a Half Men, which now follows The Big Bang Theory, continued CBS's domination at 8:30. Men's tenth season opener received an audience of 12.37 million people and scored a 3.5/10 rating among adults 18-49. The show retained about 80% of The Big Bang Theory's audience, which is considerably better than the occupant of this slot last season, the short-lived How To Be a Gentleman. Two and a Half Men's ratings were understandably down following the move from Mondays at 9, a time period it dominated for many years, to Thursdays at 8:30.

More about the episode

'The Date Night Variable' - Season 6, Episode 1
Airs September 27, 2012 at 8/7c on CBS.

A lonely Raj interrupts Sheldon & Amy's and Leonard & Penny's dates. Meanwhile, Howard and his mother are arguing, even as he's 220 miles above earth in the International Space Station.

Comments (21)

Eleni Parashaki Greece, 14:35 Oct 10 2012.
I found the season's opener episode terribly unfunny. I'm afraid the characters are not going anywhere, like in season 5. I don't care if they make Raj gay, I simply adore this person. And please: bring Howard back soon, things seem boring without him!
nobody United States, 19:08 Oct 7 2012.
I think Raj would be an awesome gay character!
alisaperne Philippines, 12:40 Oct 5 2012.
I love this episode. I thought there will be a change in Sheldon's approach with Amy and I thought he will be more affectionate to her but I fell in their traps in the part when Sheldon was saying something meaningful to Amy and when I saw this I was like "awww, how sweet" then suddenly it came from the lines in the spider-man movie and the funny part was Amy took it and she was fine with it. I wish there could be a development in Sheldon's emotion but I still love him. Can't wait for the next episode.
debra United States, 21:13 Oct 4 2012.
Please, please, return the writing to more like season 1,2 and 3!
miss lulu brooks Australia, 21:36 Oct 2 2012.
Have been watching since Series 1 Ep 1 - but this was not one of the best episodes I've seen.
Barbara United Kingdom, 03:43 Oct 2 2012.
I don't like it as much when it's just Penny, Amy, and Bernadette as it gets too much like the kind of giddy girlies I have to move my seat in a bus from!
Felicia  United States, 14:38 Oct 1 2012.
I love Raj & Howard...and I hope that Raj will not be gay in show...and actually the Sheldon character is so asexual in show that it's so not funny and a little uncomfortable to watch him try to be what he is not...seems he is so adorable and funny as a guy who is so innocent in that way...such an endearing characteristic and pleasant to watch...such a pleasant change from content of other shows on tv..
Jp Canada, 23:24 Sep 30 2012.
Love the show! Season opener could have been better. To much romance going on. Character direction heading in the wrong path. Preferred earlier seasons with just a bunch of nerdy guys
Glenn Canada, 15:30 Sep 30 2012.
I really like the look of the space shuttle set, it was quite well done. I have always been a little fascinated with space travel. I could never do that stuff, but I admire people who do, I remember when I was in school as a kid and that was the around the time when man landed on the moon. I have always liked the sets on BBT where Leonard, Howard and Leslie work in. The details are quite impressive. I have even met a couple of astronauts, Buzz Aldrin and Canadian Dave Williams.
SKJ Mauritius, 13:19 Sep 29 2012.
Let us watch something new... I love the show and the actors... but it's getting too repetitive and this is the king of mistake that ends a show early and on a bod note!!! :((

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