Episode 6.09 Ratings Posted November 30, 2012

Episode 6.09 Ratings

Yesterday's episode of The Big Bang Theory dominated its time slot to finish as the night's most-watched and highest-rated program, but fell slightly from the previous episode's all-time highs.

"The Parking Spot Escalation" was watched by 17.25 million people, down slightly from the audience of 17.63m on November 15th. This was the show's second largest audience ever. In the adults 18-49 demographic, the show scored a 5.5/16 rating, down two notches from the 5.7/17 rating of the previous episode.

The Big Bang Theory finished first in its time slot in viewers, adults 25-54, adults 18-49 and adults 25-54 and was the night's #1 program in each of those demos.

More about the episode

'The Parking Spot Escalation' - Season 6, Episode 9
Airs November 29, 2012 at 8/7c on CBS.

When Howard buys a new car, the university gives him Sheldon's parking spot, sparking outrage from Sheldon. An escalating war between Howard and Sheldon affects the whole gang.

Comments (30)

Drew Canada, 20:41 Jun 25 2014.
Mini Cooper Countryman crossover SUV
Monica China, 12:13 Dec 24 2013.
Actually , I love this episode very much . It is very funny . Sheldon is so cute !
Patsy Keays Canada, 00:44 Jul 2 2013.
What kind of car was in Sheldon's parking space?
freya United Kingdom, 11:24 Dec 16 2012.
LOVE the show
Ncrdbl1 United States, 04:51 Dec 7 2012.
How long with it take before Sheldon finally responds to all of Amy's advances. Who tells a woman shew must be inhaling paint fumes when she flashes you her bikini wax in the back seat of the car?
Ken United States, 19:20 Dec 6 2012.
What kind of car was Wolowitz driving in this episode?? Was it a Mini Cooper??
Fernanda Brazil, 18:04 Dec 6 2012.
It is just too good! Love sheldon and raj
kane Australia, 03:26 Dec 6 2012.
TBBT is a very good show funny and with characters I like. This episode was OK but I really didnt like the fighting between the characters. I realize its like the simpsons in this regard at least where wacky things can happen or marge and homer can get divorced so on then next week everything is back to normal and the writers probably put this show out there like one of these wacky hypothetical what if; what if all the characters started fighting with each other in a serious way what would they do to each other so on. I maybe take the show too seriously but as I genuinely like the characters and I feel like I understand them somewhat I doubt these friends would fight so much to the point of violence. The swing was the last straw for that. I like the jokey conflict usually seen on the show but not this all out war between the characters.
Debi M United States, 21:24 Dec 5 2012.
I dont care for arguing and fighting either, But you have to watch the faces and the interactions between the actors to realize just how funny this show really is. I enjoy watching the reruns just as much as the new shows. They make me laugh.
Cammy-Street Fighter Germany, 08:48 Dec 4 2012.
One of the best episodes ever! I don't care what other people say... Amy rules. =D I've been a Sheldon Fan from the beginning, but Amy is now my favourite character on TBBT. I respect the opinion of other people but blaming her (and Bernadette) for everything is just lame and stupid...And guys, it doesn't make sense to complain about TBBT, but still continue to watch it. ;)

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