CBS Announces Episode 6.11 Posted December 6, 2012

CBS Announces Episode 6.11

CBS has issued the press release for next week's episode of The Big Bang Theory, 6.11 "The Santa Simulation", a Christmas-themed episode. This will be the last original episode of 2012, but Season Six does of course continue in the New Year.

"The Santa Simulation" - Sheldon revisits some Christmas memories during a game of Dungeons and Dragons, while Penny, Bernadette and Amy try to find a girl for Koothrappali when he joins the girls for ladies' night, on THE BIG BANG THEORY, Thursday, Dec. 13 (8:00 - 8:31 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

More information about the episode is available in our Episode Guide.

More about the episode

'The Santa Simulation' - Season 6, Episode 11
Airs December 13, 2012 at 8/7c on CBS.

While the guys play Dungeons and Dragons and Sheldon is haunted by the memories of Christmas past, Raj joins the girls for ladies' night.

Comments (11)

Harry O'Keene United States, 19:55 Dec 29 2012.
It would be a hoot to see Sheldon on Jeopardy.
Alice Schoessow United States, 02:33 Dec 16 2012.
I Love You,I Love You,I Love You,I Love You,I Love You,I Love You, both Lenard and Sheldon that's right Lenard you got first billing there, your so cute but sheldon I look up to you sooo much... By the way Raj needs to get a girl those two are just getting too close. Its getting weird.
Keshav Mauritius, 22:13 Dec 15 2012.
What happened to Raj not being able to talk to girls??
clinamen Netherlands, 15:37 Dec 14 2012.
great to see Stuart. Fantastic as usual. thanks
Andi Hight United States, 20:53 Dec 13 2012.
FYI....Baybrook Mall is not in Galveston. Its in Clear Lake. More fact checking please.
Moop United States, 15:56 Dec 11 2012.
Wow people relax its a damned show.. As in entertainment.. So they showed a bit of spanking, and since when can't a person (Sheldon) grow? I am quite sure that at one point in your lives you didn't enjoy things that you enjoy now. Its called growth for a reason....
Shane United Kingdom, 16:51 Dec 9 2012.
Ever since season 4 I quit watching TBBT. I do read the scripts though and follow the critics & ratings. I've ditched the show because I always thought the Amy persona is nonsensical crap. By definition Sheldon means solitary nerd.
your mum. Australia, 02:43 Dec 9 2012.
Does anybody know the release date for the season 6 DVD?, when it will be available for purchase in stores?
my name is nobody Hungary, 03:45 Dec 8 2012.
Give me a bloody break... You people seriously need to loosen up... it's a friggin comedy not some propaganda for domestic violence or male chauvinism... None of these themes were depicted or condoned in that episode. Although I have to agree and it really bugs me that I felt Sheldon's actions were massively out of character. Since when does he care about the well-being of others? Since when does he want to have any sort of physical contact with others? And also, where's the science stuff, the jokes, the interaction among the core 5? And where is Penny?
Linda Befeld United States, 14:13 Dec 7 2012.
I am very upset about the Dec.6 episode. Shame on you for trying to show a man hitting a woman in a humorous way. There is nothing funny about violence against women - and, yes, male domination, disciplining a grown woman, no matter if the woman cooperates should never be condoned. AND to have the man, Sheldon, who has never been shown to desire any sort of touch from anyone, is horrifying. Shame on you, Mayim. How much money did they give you to make this mess? Thought you were non-violent. Spanking between consenting adults can be a part of sex - Sheldon wasn't playful and he wasn't doing this as a part of sex. If Amy was getting some perverse pleasure from it, she is more screwed up than we thought. I won't watch this mess - it has always irked me that Penny is without a last name...a woman who is a useful entity - but a non-person. Shame

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