7.19 'The Indecision Amalgamation' Pictures Posted March 26, 2014

Pictures from the next epsiode of The Big Bang Theory, "The Indecision Amalgamation", have been added to our gallery. Wil Wheaton makes another guest appearance in the episode, which airs Thursday, April 3. Check out the pictures below and head over to our gallery to see all the photos.

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'The Indecision Amalgamation' - Season 7, Episode 19
Airs April 3, 2014 at 8/7c on CBS.

While Penny struggles to decide whether to take a role in an embarrassing movie, Sheldon is torn over which video game system to buy, and Raj is dating two women at once - but will the guilt be too much for him?

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MJinChas United States, 22:10 Apr 4 2014.
Been watching the show forever so I have to say that it has bothered me a lot that when they eat their take-out meals in plastic dishes with plastic utensils and everyone with their individual plastic drink bottles. I'd think they (the writers and the characters) would be better enlightened and sensitive to issues of this kind of waste. They could kinda set an example maybe. I'm jus sayin...
Laer United States, 14:03 Apr 4 2014.
Penny gets a job, hooray! Even a crappy movie pays a salary. And you always learn something. Maybe make a contact which brings in something better someday.
pansal , 08:59 Apr 4 2014.
LMAO! i mean i Loved this episode! and so happy for Raj.and my favorite moments are : the store scene at the end ,and Sheldon kissing and talking at the same time ,and also Amy yelling"please pass the butter!" ok i have a lot of favorites!:D
rachel heller United States, 00:42 Apr 4 2014.
I liked this episode. I hope Raj continues dating Emily. Also, Amy's reactions to Sheldon's gaming console indecision is priceless. Mayim Bialik should submit this episode for Emmy consideration. I also liked the honest talk that Will Wheaton gave Penny about acting. I give this episode a B .
Laer United States, 23:02 Apr 3 2014.
Really like the new girl in Raj's life. Hope it works out.
UpWithShamy Canada, 23:24 Mar 26 2014.
Oh thank god, I can't wait for the new episode. All these breaks have been the worst.

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