902 'The Separation Oscillation' Press Release Posted September 8, 2015

902 'The Separation Oscillation' Press Release

CBS has issued the press release for the second episode of The Big Bang Theory's upcoming ninth season. "The Separation Oscillation" will air Monday, September 28 at 8/7c. As previously reported, Melissa Tang (Mom) will guest star as Mandy, the woman whom Leonard kissed during his North Sea expedition two years ago.

The Separation Oscillation – Leonard confronts the woman he kissed on the North Sea in an attempt to set Penny’s mind at ease. Also, Sheldon films a special episode of “Fun with Flags” after his breakup with Amy, and Bernadette feels guilty about withholding a secret from Penny, on THE BIG BANG THEORY, Monday, Sept. 28 (8:00-8:31 PM, ET/PT), on the CBS Television Network.

The Big Bang Theory has temporarily moved to Monday nights at 8/7c for the start of the season to make room for Thursday Night Football. The show will move back to its regular Thursday night slot on Thursday, November 5. The ninth season premieres on Monday, September 21 with "The Matrimonial Momentum".

More about the episode

'The Separation Oscillation' - Season 9, Episode 2
Airs September 28, 2015 at 8/7c on CBS.

As Leonard and Penny struggle with the revelation he kissed another woman, Leonard goes to meet the woman in question, Mandy, in a bid to show Penny there's nothing to worry about. Meanwhile, Sheldon films an episode of Fun with Flags alone following his break-up with Amy, who is angered by Sheldon's thinly veiled comments about their recent split.

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Tank United States, 22:37 Oct 5 2015.
Throw the wardrobe person off a tall building. Penny has a figure that kept me coming back for more now she's wearing grandma clothes every episode. Suck it clothes pickers!
Don Davis United States, 23:58 Sep 22 2015.
They are going to pay Johnny Galecki 1 mil per episode to become a winey jealous loser... yeah that's money well spent. From Cheers to Friends and now Big Bang...break ups aren't funny. Guess I will have to find funny somewhere else.
KeNoes ha Canada, 19:35 Sep 20 2015.
not sure where to leave this comment so here goes...it's pretty weird that Sheldons character doesn't have an issue with living in an apartment building-among other people, worst to do laundry in a communal laundry room. He's severely OCD but somehow hes ok with having his clothes mixed with others. I distinctively haven't seen any routine to cleanse theses washers or dryers before use. So unlike Shelly. Sumtn to contemplate, it's a flaw for his character, totally out of sync.
not a fun anymore from now Norway, 16:40 Sep 10 2015.
I think the tbbt writers drink drugs when they are writing lines. first they make us believe that Sheldon and Penny have brother and sister relationshiP in S8E16. But they made Leonard dream them kissing together in S9E2. so what a hell are the writers doing? They do not make a sense. Their NO must be no and their YES must yes.
Cathy United States, 21:05 Sep 8 2015.
Why can't they just stay together? What happened to the shows maturity of the characters? They're going to end the show, like Friends did. How sad.

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