The Matrimonial Momentum Season 9, Episode 1 -  Aired September 21, 2015

The Matrimonial Momentum

When Penny and Leonard arrive in Vegas to get married, Penny is still thinking about Leonard's admission that he kissed another girl. Meanwhile, Sheldon doesn't know what to think after Amy calls time on their relationship. 

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Guest Stars: Kevin Sussman as Stuart, Laurie Metcalf as Mary Cooper, Jim Meskimen as Minister, Louise Claps as Receptionist

Writers: Chuck Lorre (Story), Jim Reynolds (Story), Maria Ferrari (Story), Steven Molaro (Teleplay), Steve Holland (Teleplay), Eric Kaplan (Teleplay)

Director: Mark Cendrowski

Viewers: 18.2 million Households Rating: 11.6/18 Adults 18-49 Rating: 4.7/16

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Episode Lists

  • Leonard & Penny: Key Episodes Leonard & Penny: Key Episodes

    The key moments in Leonard and Penny's relationship including the first time they saw each other across the hall, their first kiss, their first date, breaking up and getting back together, the first time Penny says "I love you", a couple of proposals, their engagement, two wedding ceremonies, and finally Penny getting pregnant.

Episode Notes

  • The title refers to Leonard and Penny getting married in Vegas.

> Sheldon's Knock

When Sheldon went to Penny's apartment with a hot beverage to comfort her, he was unable to knock on his door as his hands were busy holding a tray. Instead, Sheldon said his knock out loud.

> Sheldon's Beverage Protocols

After hearing how Leonard and Penny fought on their wedding night and returned home to separate apartments, Sheldon goes over to Penny's apartment with a hot beverage.

Episode Quotes

Amy: Hold on. You're getting married and you didn't invite me?
Penny: It was kind of a spur of the moment thing.
Amy: Wow. Hope I can catch the bouquet from here.

Leonard: Penny. We are made of particles that have existed since the moment the universe began. I like to think those atoms traveled fourteen billion years through time and space to create us, so that we could be together and make each other whole.

Bernadette: Aww, that was beautiful.
Howard: Yeah. I mean, not like our wedding beautiful.
Bernadette: No, we totally won.

Leonard: I can't believe I'm spending my wedding night with you.
Sheldon: Really? I never imagined it any other way.

Sheldon: Your friends? I think you mean my friends. And why wasn't I invited to this?
Amy: Maybe because the two of us being there would make them feel awkward.
Sheldon: We make everyone feel awkward. That's our thing!

News Stories

Title Date Posted
CBS announces ninth season premiere August 25, 2015

CBS has put out the press release for the ninth season premiere of The Big Bang Theory, "The Matrimonial Momentum", which airs Monday, September 21. Laurie Metcalf reprises her role as Sheldon's mother, Mary Cooper.  Full story


In Vegas, Leonard and Penny choose their wedding package at the chapel. Sheldon calls Leonard to warn him not to get married, declaring that women are the worst following his break-up with Amy. When Penny phones Amy to check on her, Amy is surprised she wasn't invited to their wedding.

Sheldon surprises Amy as she comes out of her apartment. Sheldon feels that as it's been eleven hours since they spoke, Amy will have figured everything out by now. Amy tells him she will let him know when she's ready to talk. When Sheldon offers to walk with Amy to wherever she's going, he misconstrues this as a sign they're back together. After Amy admits she's going to Howard and Bernadette's to watch Leonard and Penny's wedding, Amy tells him he wasn't invited as they thought it would make things awkward.

Back in Vegas, Leonard and Penny are waiting for their wedding. Leonard asks Penny if she still wants to go ahead with it after his admission that he kissed another woman. Penny still wants to get married, but she would prefer if Leonard stopped bringing the kiss up. Meanwhile, at Howard and Bernadette's house, they comfort Amy over her recent split with Sheldon. As Howard sets up the TV so they can watch Leonard and Penny's wedding over the Internet, Bernadette is shocked to see Sheldon standing outside the window. Since the whole gang, including Stuart and Raj are there, Sheldon wonders why he wasn't invited.

In Vegas, the official talks Leonard and Penny through the procedure for their wedding. Leonard and Penny are excited that it's finally happening. Meanwhile, Sheldon and Amy's split causes an argument back at Howard and Bernadette's house. Soon, the guys are talking as Leonard and Penny's wedding takes place.

At the wedding chapel, the official asks Leonard and Penny if they have prepared vows. Leonard has but Penny hasn't. Penny tells Leonard to use his vows, while she'll make something mushy up on the spot. For his wedding vows, Leonard gives a romantic and scientific speech about how they're made of particles that have existed since the universe began. When it's Penny's turn, her speech draws on the song from Toy Story, "You've Got a Friend in Me", a film which Leonard loves. Elsewhere, Sheldon and Amy's bickering continues. Fed up with Sheldon's attitude, Amy says she doesn't need any more time, they're now broken up. As Bernadette goes to comfort Amy, Raj offers to drive Sheldon home. Only Howard and Stuart see Leonard and Penny's wedding stream live.

When Leonard and Penny reach their hotel room, Leonard just about manages to carry Penny across the treshhold. As they kiss on the bed, Penny seems distant and admits she's thinking about him kissing the other woman. As Leonard tries to explain how the kiss was meaningless, he reveals that he still sees the woman, Mandy, as she works at the university. Leonard tries to lighten the mood, but the romance has already gone.

Back at the apartment, Sheldon calls his mother in Texas. Sheldon asks Mary to stop praying for Amy, explaining that she broke up with him. Sheldon wants to return the ring, which Mary got from her grandmother, but she tells him to keep hold of it. Meanwhile, Howard and Bernadette try to cheer up Amy. Now that Amy's a single woman again, Stuart starts to be creepy around her.

When Leonard and Penny return to the apartment building that same evening, they're still fighting. After Penny admits she is not okay with Leonard's kiss, they go to separate apartments. Later, Sheldon goes over to Penny's apartment with a hot beverage to comfort her, after Leonard told him what happened. Sheldon and Penny talk about their problems with their partners. Sheldon offers to date Mandy to teach Leonard and Amy a lesson. When Sheldon finds out that Penny knew Amy was going to break up with him, he storms out of her apartment.

Back at the Wolowitz household, Howard finishes a phone call with Leonard. Howard and Bernadette are worried about their friends' new marriage, but a creepy Stuart is more interested in Penny potentially being available again. Elsewhere, Sheldon tells Leonard why men are better than women. Leonard realizes he screwed up and can't believe he's spending his wedding night with Sheldon instead of his wife.