The Property Division Collision Season 10, Episode 10 -  Aired December 1, 2016

The Property Division Collision

Sheldon and Leonard end up in a bitter tit-for-tat fight when they try to divvy up their mutually owned belongings from Apartment 4A. Meanwhile, Raj and Stuart compete to be the most helpful to Bernadette in her final weeks of pregnancy.

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Guest Stars: Kevin Sussman as Stuart, Christopher Lloyd as Theodore

Writers: Steve Holland (Story), Bill Prady (Story), Dave Goetsch (Story), Steven Molaro (Teleplay), Maria Ferrari (Teleplay), Tara Hernandez (Teleplay)

Director: Mark Cendrowski

Viewers: 14.54 million Households Rating: 9.5/15 Adults 18-49 Rating: 3.1/11

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Episode Notes

  • The title refers to Sheldon and Leonard's fight over their shared belongings.
  • This episode features the return of the painting that Amy bought Penny of them both, previously seen in the Season 5 episode "The Rothman Disintegration". The painting moves with Penny from Apartment 4B to 4A, where she and Leonard decide to hang it on the "fourth wall", behind Leonard's desk.
  • When Sheldon and Leonard argue over their shared possessions, Sheldon takes the Game of Thrones "Sword of Longclaw" which they bought in Season 5, Episode 5 "The Russian Rocket Reaction".

> The Flag of Apartment 4A

When Sheldon and Leonard argue over their shared possessions, Leonard wants the official apartment flag even though he doesn't like flags and Sheldon designed it. Later, Leonard wears the flag as a toga without underwear to get back at Sheldon. After they make up, Sheldon lets Leonard keep the flag.

Episode Quotes

Sheldon: It's not my fault I'm bad at sharing; I skipped kindergarten.

Sheldon: If it's like your 3-D chess game, then you're out of your length, width and depth. Amy, get the Neosporin, somebody just got burned.

Leonard: You know what? There is one thing I would like.
Sheldon: Yeah, take whatever you want.
Leonard: I would like to keep the official flag of our apartment.
Sheldon: But you don't even like flags.
Leonard: Yeah, I like this one.
Sheldon: But I designed it.
Leonard: But you made me order it because you were "too well-known" in the flag community and they'd jack up the price.
Sheldon: But you don't even understand its symbolism.
Leonard: Oh, I do. The-the field of blue represents you being miserable, and the lion sticking its tongue out means I'm happy about it.

Raj: Hey, this pregnancy had an emotionally-needy third wheel way before you came along.

Amy: Look, we can't just throw away Penny's stuff, but we can ask if she wants any of it back.
Sheldon: You know, I wonder how she feels about all this artwork.
Amy: Well, I'm sure she misses this one. I mean, it's the greatest gift I've ever given anybody.
Sheldon: It truly does capture the beauty of your friendship with Penny.
Amy: It may have appreciated in value. The artist killed himself shortly after painting that.

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1010 'The Property Division Collision' Press Release November 29, 2016

CBS has released the synopsis for the next episode of The Big Bang Theory, "The Property Division Collision", which airs this Thursday, December 1. Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future) guest stars in the episode.  Full story


In their new home, Amy asks Sheldon if he would be interested in redecorating Apartment 4B if they’re going to be staying there. When Sheldon says he would be interested in taking everything from 4A and putting it there, Amy suggests starting by rearranging the furniture. Sheldon wants to get rid of the couch, but Amy says they can’t throw away Penny’s stuff. Still,  they can ask if she wants any of her belongings back - like the giant painting that Amy gave Penny. They go over to give the painting back to Penny. 

Sheldon wants to hang the painting up for them in Apartment 4A, but Penny says they’re out of hooks. When Leonard comes out of the bedroom, Sheldon tells him he thinks they should go through their mutually-owned items to see who gets what. Sheldon starts with the Game of Thrones sword from their fantasy sword collection, which he wants. In return, he offers Leonard the avocado plant - although then Sheldon realizes that a plant is a good house warming gift, so Leonard lets him keep that as well. 

In Howard and Bernadette’s kitchen, Stuart gives them a baby gift: homemade coupons. When Bernadette notices one of the coupons was on the back of an eviction notice, Stuart says he’s been evicted and asks if he can move back in with them. Bernadette say it’s not a great time with a baby coming, but Stuart says they’ll need all the help they can get when the baby comes. Howard thinks it’s not a bad idea since Stuart did do a good job taking care of Mrs. Wolowitz. Bernadette relents and lets Stuart stay for a few days - starting now, since Stuart’s car broke down on their driveway. 

Back in the apartment, Sheldon and Leonard are looking through the closet. When Sheldon asks who should get the Mr. Spock cuckoo clock, Leonard lets Sheldon keep it. Sheldon moves on to the 3D Chess Set, which Sheldon also want. A fed-up Leonard tells Sheldon to just take whatever he wants, he doesn’t care since he knows Sheldon will just think up reasons for everything to go with him. After Amy tells Sheldon he’s being selfish, Leonard decides there is one thing he would like - the apartment flag, even though he doesn’t care about flags. Sensing that Leonard only wants the flag to annoy him, Sheldon leaves in a huff. 

In their dining room, Stuart helps Howard set the table. After Stuart answers the door when Raj arrives, he is surprised that Stuart’s living there and helping Howard and Bernadette out. Meanwhile, when Leonard notices the Wi-Fi has stopped working in the apartment and sees that Sheldon has changed the password and network name. When Leonard goes across the hall to ask Sheldon to change the password back, Sheldon acts as if he doesn’t know what Leonard’s upset about. Leonard warns Sheldon that he can play this game too, but Sheldon doesn’t seem worried. 

As Raj and Stuart eat dinner with Howard & Bernadette, Raj and Stuart start competing over being helpful to the expecting couple. Raj is upset that Stuart’s muscled in on helping them because he was already doing that. Elsewhere, when Sheldon goes to do laundry in the basement, he’s dismayed to find Leonard wearing the apartment flag like a toga - even more so when Leonard takes off his underwear. 

When Raj arrives at Howard and Bernadette’s with a toolbox to put the crib together, Stuart says he’s already done it even though Raj bought that crib. When Stuart is dismissive of Raj’s feelings, Raj asks why Stuart is being like this. Stuart explains that he loves Howard and Bernadette, and if he wants to mooch of them he needs to be helpful. Raj says he was the emotionally needy third-wheel way before Stuart. After Stuart points out there can be four “wheels”, he invites Raj in to set up a baby swing. 

When Leonard & Penny reach their apartment, they’re shocked to find an elderly man there making a sandwich. The man explains he rented a room from Sheldon, who comes out of the bedroom area and introduces Theodore to his new roommates. 

Bernadette comes downstairs to find Raj and Stuart assembling a crib for the baby. It comes with two different mobils, and Raj and Stuart both want Bernadette to pick their favorite. In the kitchen, Bernadette asks Howard to go to the market, but he suggests getting Stuart or Raj to do it instead. She points out they’ve been doing everything for him lately, so she tells him to go. When Howard agrees but wants one of them to drive him, Bernadette tells him to take Raj as Stuart is going to paint her toenails. 

Back in the apartment, Theodore is watching TV on the couch and eating chips as a disturbed Leonard and Penny look on from the kitchen. Leonard asks Theodore how long he’s planning to stay. Thanks to the coins in the couch, Theodore says he’ll be staying a day longer than he thought. An exasperated Leonard goes over to confront Sheldon. 

In the hallway, Leonard wonders how Sheldon could be so awful to him after living together for thirteen years. When Sheldon and Leonard start arguing over who’s being more difficult, Theodore comes out and points out that a lot of this anger is coming from love. Now that they’re living apart, they are in a new phase of life and it’s easier to fight than face the feelings they have for each other. They realize Theodore is right. Sheldon and Leonard agree to stop fighting about their possessions. Sheldon tells Leonard he wants him to keep the flag. 

Back in the apartment, Penny helps Leonard put up the painting of her and Amy up on the (fourth) wall while Theodore looks on. At Howard and Bernadette’s, when Howard asks who wants to paint the nursery, Stuart and Raj argue over who should get the job. When Bernadette comes in the room to say she’s in labor, Stuart and Raj spring into action after a flustered Howard can’t remember their birthing plan.