The Geology Methodology Season 11, Episode 7 -  Aired November 9, 2017

The Geology Methodology

When Bert offers Sheldon the chance to work with him to research dark matter, Sheldon is ashamed to be interested in working on a geology project and tries to keep the collaboration a secret.

Meanwhile, Raj gets advice from Penny and Bernadette when Ruchi agrees to go out on a date with him, but wants to keep things casual.

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Guest Stars: Kevin Sussman as Stuart, Brian Posehn as Bert, Swati Kapila as Ruchi, Elka Rodriguez as Rose Lady

Writers: Steve Holland (Story), Anthony Del Broccolo (Story), Adam Faberman (Story), Eric Kaplan (Teleplay), Maria Ferrari (Teleplay), Tara Hernandez (Teleplay)

Director: Mark Cendrowski

Viewers: 13.8 million Households Rating: 9.1/15 Adults 18-49 Rating: 2.8/11

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Episode Notes

  • The title refers to Sheldon's ill-fated attempt to work with Bert on a geology paper to better understand dark matter.

> Sheldon's Knock

Sheldon knocks on Bert's office when he goes to apologise for his hurtful comments about Bert and geology.

Unlike his usual routine Sheldon matches the number of times he says Bert's name to the number of knocks in each round: "(1 knock) Bert. (2 knocks) Bert, Bert. (3 knocks) Bert, Bert, Bert."

Episode Quotes

Sheldon: They're very different. Physics answers the question: what is the nature of the universe? Geology answers the question: you know, what'd I just trip over?

Sheldon: I've been modeling different types of dark matter and the traces they would leave on the zircon inside your meteorite.
Bert: What's this one here?
Sheldon: That's actually a dark matter model of my own creation. I call it the Cooper Boson.
Bert: Cool. I got to name a rock once. I named it Moderately Sedimented Shale. Guess I kind of pooped the bed on that one.

Raj: Are you saying that you don't believe two people fall in love?
Ruchi: Of course they do. It's just that what people call "love" is actually a series of biochemical reactions in the brain that fade over time.
Raj: Yes. Like the old song, "When a man has a biochemical reaction for a woman."

Amy: What's going on?
Sheldon: What if there was something I wanted to do, but I was worried other people would think less of me?
Amy: Is that other person me, and does it happen in the bedroom, in which case I think I'm cool with it?
Sheldon: No. It's about working with Bert on - You know what? I'm not even gonna say it. I am just gonna say the letter it starts with and -"ology". G-- Oh, no, that's not gonna work.

Bert: Well, you know, we geologists always get a little sad when Rocktober's over.

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CBS has issued the press release for the November 9 episode of The Big Bang Theory, "The Geology Methodology". Brian Posehn reprises his role as geologist Bert and Swati Kapila returns as Ruchi, Bernadette's co-worker, in the episode.  Full story


As the guys eat lunch in the university cafeteria, Raj asks if his friends are free that night. Sheldon is weary about what Raj might have planned, but the guys relax when Raj reveals he wants to go to a bar, until he mentions he wants to watch cricket. When Bert comes over to talk to Sheldon, he explains he is interested in collaborating with Sheldon on a geology research project as he needs help with the math. After Sheldon dismissively says he doesn’t want to “play rocks”, a dejected Bert turns around and leaves. Afterwards, Leonard tells Sheldon he shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to work with Bert, who is among the best in his field.

Later that afternoon, Sheldon sneakily follows Bert into his office, trying to avoid being seen in the corridor. Sheldon tells Bert he has reconsidered and wants to help him with his research. When Bert suggests using Sheldon’s office, he makes clear wants to do the work in Bert’s office in the evening after everyone has gone home. Sheldon says he’ll see Bert tonight and gets ready to leave, but when he opens the office door to find people in the corridor, Sheldon ducks back inside and decides they can start work now.

When Howard joins Raj at a bar playing Indian cricket, Howard is bored and confused by the sport. After Howard spots Ruchi over in the corner, Raj calls her over and she explains she’s alone because she couldn’t convince anyone to come watch cricket with her. When Raj and Ruchi start discussing cricket, Howard decides to leave. Meanwhile, Sheldon shows Bert the work he’s been doing on their geology project and tells Bert that the work has been surprisingly engaging. When Sheldon gets a call from Amy, who is at his office and wondering where he is, he acts suspiciously and quickly runs back to his office without telling her where he’s been.

As Leonard and Penny watch TV in the apartment, Sheldon arrives home and asks to talk to Penny alone. Sheldon explains that he’s working with Bert but doesn’t want anyone to find out. When Sheldon claims his reputation is on the line, Penny tells Sheldon to not work with Bert. But then Sheldon reveals he likes the work, but Penny’s suggestion that he just work with Bert is rejected because Sheldon is ashamed of the field. After they go round in circles, Penny wonders why Sheldon came to her with a science question. When Sheldon insists it’s a reputational matter and that Penny has experience with a “checkered past”, Penny tells Sheldon to go be “sexually promiscuous” with himself.

In his kitchen, Howard sits down with Stuart to explain that since Bernadette is on bed rest he wants to “divide and conquer” their responsibilities. He has one monitor for Halley and one for Bernadette and wonders which one Stuart would prefer. Stuart decides that the baby is less emasculating. When a cheery Raj comes in with scones for their breakfast, he admits he’s already had breakfast at Ruchi’s. After Howard leaves to tend to Bernadette, Stuart talks to Raj about his relationship with Ruchi. Stuart says he’s fine with it, partly because he knows Raj will eventually screw it up. After Raj says there’s nothing to screw up as Ruchi wants to keep it casual, Stuart thinks their relationship is surely doomed.

Later, Raj visits the apartment to ask Penny for help on how to keep his “casual” relationship with Ruchi alive. Although Penny doesn’t believe Raj will be able to keep it casual, she tells Raj to give Ruchi some space and not text, call or email Ruchi. When Raj says they will be having dinner that night, Penny tells Raj to stab himself with a fork if he starts thinking about names for their children.

As Sheldon, Leonard and Howard enjoy lunch in the university cafeteria, Leonard asks Howard how Bernadette’s bed rest is going. Howard admits that since Bernadette now spends most of the day eating Mallomars and hollering at him, her transformation from his wife into his mother is almost complete. When Bert arrives to return Sheldon’s jacket that he left in his office, Sheldon claims it’s not his and that Bert is mistaken. When Howard asks Sheldon is he is working with Bert, Sheldon admits it’s true but asks them to keep it quiet. When Bert asks whether Sheldon is ashamed to work with him, Sheldon tells Bert he’s not embarrassed by him, just his life’s work. Bert tells Sheldon he doesn’t want to work with him any more and then leaves.

After Raj and Ruchi sit down at a table in a restaurant, Raj loudly sends away a woman selling roses. When Ruchi recognises that Raj is finding it difficult to keep things casual, he admits he’s not got a lot of experience with casual relationships. After Raj asks Ruchi about her day at work, he starts fantasising about her even as she discusses the gross elements of her work. Elsewhere, Amy arrives home to find a glum Sheldon staring at a rock in the apartment. Sheldon admits that he’s upset to find out he has been a mean boy, explaining how he parted ways with Bert despite his interest in the work just to protect his reputation. Amy points out that Sheldon has never cared about what people think, even when he really should, and tells him that if he thinks the work is interesting then nothing else should matter.

As Ruchi and Raj eat dinner at the restaurant, she explains how she was supposed to go back to India and get married, but instead called the engagement off and moved out to Pasadena. When Raj says the man must not have been her soulmate, Ruchi is surprised to find a scientist who believes in such things. When Raj says he believes everyone has one perfect match, Ruchi disagrees but wants to change the subject to avoid upsetting Raj. After Ruchi explains how she views love as no more than a biochemical reaction in the brain, Raj says love isn’t just science, it’s also spiritual.

When Sheldon goes to Bert’s office to apologise and ask to work together again, he is surprised to find Bert is now working with Leonard. Sheldon apologizes to Bert and begs to work together again, but Bert is unmoved and closes the door on Sheldon. Meanwhile, Raj joins Howard and Bernadette in their bedroom to talk about his relationship with Ruchi. Raj admits she is nice, but says they are so different. After Bernadette asks if he is going to see her again, Raj wonders what the point is if they will never have a real relationship. Howard questions whether Raj would really end things with a woman who is interested in a physical relationship with him. When Raj finally sees the benefits of such a relationship, he rushes out to see Ruchi.

As Sheldon, Raj and Howard gather for lunch at a cafeteria table, Howard asks Raj about his relationship with Ruchi. Raj admits he’s enjoying the physical aspect. When Sheldon sees Bert and Leonard walk into the cafeteria, Sheldon starts to fantasize about Bert.