The Wildebeest Implementation Season 4, Episode 22 -  Aired May 5, 2011

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When Bernadette and Howard are going to have a dinner with Leonard and Priya, Amy and Penny recruit Bernadette as a double agent to spy on Priya. Meanwhile, Raj tries out a new medication to cure his social anxiety.

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Guest Stars: Aarti Mann as Priya, Tiffany Dupont as Angela, Whitney Avalon as Elsie

Writers: Chuck Lorre (Story), Steven Molaro (Story), Eric Kaplan (Story), Bill Prady (Teleplay), Eddie Gorodetsky (Teleplay), Maria Ferrari (Teleplay)

Director: Mark Cendrowski

Viewers: 10.5 million Households Rating: 6.5/11 Adults 18-49 Rating: 3.2/11

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Episode Notes

  • The title references the Wildebeest codename that Amy gave to Bernadette, and her "implementation" as a double agent into the dinnner with Leonard and Priya.

> Sheldon's Beverage Protocols

When Raj goes to Sheldon's apartment after being turfed out of his own apartment by the romantically-linked Leonard and Priya, Sheldon offers him a hot beverage.

"Sheldon: Social protocol does, however, require me to bring you a hot beverage in your time of need.
Raj: No, thank you. I'm fine.
Sheldon: It's not optional. We're out of tea. I hope you like bouillon."

Episode Quotes

Raj: She didn't even get to see my penis.

Sheldon: There's no need to interact with me. I'm just here to observe.

Penny: I'm sorry, shoes, but you have to go back.
Shoebox (Penny): But, Penny, we love you.
Penny: I love you, too, but you cost more than my rent.
Shoebox (Penny): But Penny, you look so good in us.
Penny: (To Amy) Damn it, the shoes are right!

Sheldon: Red is angry, yellow is frightened, green is jealous and blue is depressed. Perhaps we can assign a color to lonely.
Raj: Nothing rhymes with orange. Its probably lonely.
Sheldon: All right. Come in. You look positively orange with loneliness. No, I dont see that catching on at all.

Sheldon: As a mental exercise, I invite you to figure out why the two of us can't play three-person chess.

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As the girls enjoy a day out shopping, Bernadette reveals that she and Howard have been invited by Priya to have dinner with her and Leonard. Amy thinks Priya plans to test Bernadette's loyalty to Penny and the group, and suggests that Bernadette go to the dinner as a double agent.

Amy is at Penny's apartment when she gets a text confirming Bernadette has arrived at Raj's apartment for the dinner with Priya and Leonard. Bernadette texts Amy to tell them about a snide comment Priya made about Penny's acting career. To retaliate, the pair tell Bernadette to lie that Penny is shooting a movie with Angelina Jolie in Prague, which will be shown in 3D. When Leonard expresses surprise at not knowing about the movie, Priya wonders why he thinks he would know when he doesn't spend much time with ex-girlfriend Penny. Bernadette announces to the dinner party that Penny is also dating an astronaut after Amy's phone auto-corrected "architect".

Sheldon is pretending to play three-person chess, a game he just invented, when Raj arrives at the door in need of a hug. Raj reveals he has been given a new miracle drug for social anxiety by his friend. Raj is worried that the drug would affect his mind, which is an important tool in his field. Sheldon dismisses Raj's worry, suggesting he gobble the tablets like Tic Tacs. Back at Raj's apartment, Howard is curious how Penny met an astronaut. Bernadette attempts to tell Howard the answer but the lie starts to unravel, causing her to become crank and then head to the toilets. Bernadette calls Penny and Amy to tell them the lie is getting harder to keep, and reveals that Leonard is going to India to meet Priya's parents.

Raj and Sheldon head out to a coffee shop to test Raj's new social anxiety medication. When Raj approaches an attractive woman, he is initially silent but soon begins to talk to her, hitting it off. When Sheldon takes his eyes of Raj to order a snack, he turns around to find Raj taking his clothes off. Back at the dinner party, Bernadette asks Priya about her and Leonard's trip to India. After Bernadette learns that Leonard and Priya are not getting engaged, she excuses herself to go to the bathroom. When Priya asks if everything is okay as she's spent a lot of time in the bathroom, Bernadette storms off with Howard following.