The Deception Verification Season 7, Episode 2 -  Aired September 26, 2013

The Deception Verification

When Leonard returns from his expedition early, he chooses to sneak into Penny's apartment and spend a few days with her alone. Sheldon reacts with anger when he finds out Leonard is back in town and didn't tell him. Meanwhile, Howard's close relationship with his mother causes his masculinity to be called into question.

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Guest Stars: Kevin Sussman as Stuart, Barak Hardley as Pizza Delivery Guy

Writers: Chuck Lorre (Story), Eric Kaplan (Story), Jim Reynolds (Story), Steven Molaro (Teleplay), Steve Holland (Teleplay), Maria Ferrari (Teleplay)

Director: Mark Cendrowski

Viewers: 20.44 million Households Rating: 11.9/20 Adults 18-49 Rating: 6.1/18

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Episode Notes

  • The title refers to Sheldon discovering Leonard's deception of arriving home early and hiding in Penny's apartment.

> Sheldon's Knock

After Sheldon and Amy listen from outside Penny's apartment to a male voice, Sheldon barges in to see whether it's really Leonard. When Penny tells Sheldon he can't just barge in, he goes back outside and performs his k

Episode Quotes

Sheldon: Careful, Amy. The friend of the enemy's girlfriend is my enemy.
Amy: Really?
Sheldon: You're either with me or against me.
Amy: You wanna take the bus to work?
Sheldon: Maybe there's a third option.

Amy: What does tweepodoc mean?
Sheldon: Elephant?
Amy: Lucky guess.

Leonard: Leonard: I didn't make it back. The ship sank. I'm in Hell.

Sheldon: Please don't take my looking forward to Leonard coming home as criticism of you in his absence. That criticism will come later in your report card.
Penny: Yeah, I didn't stay for the detention. I'm not going to read the report card.

Howard: This man (Raj), held my breast the other day and I love him for it.
Raj: A little loud, dude.

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As they return from the grocery store, Sheldon entertains Penny with another interesting fact about the weather. Sheldon tells Penny she'll miss these moments between them when Leonard returns, which Penny admits is true. When Penny returns to her apartment, she is surprised to find Leonard there. His experiment finished early so he returned home and he didn't tell Sheldon, so they could spend a few days alone together.

When the guys go to Stuart's comic book store, Sheldon shops for a welcome home gift for Leonard. As Howard and Raj talk, Howard apologizes for being snippy lately, blaming it on a new diet he's following. Back at Penny's apartment, Leonard shows her the pictures from his trip. When Leonard excuses himself to visit the bathroom, the pizza guy knocks on the door.

As Penny pays the pizza guy, Sheldon shows up with Chinese food. Sheldon suggests they could enjoy one more meal together before Leonard returns home, but Penny says she feels like eating alone. When Sheldon hears the toilet in Penny's apartment flush, Penny tells him she doesn't have company, but the toilet just does that. Sheldon enters her apartment, offering to take a look at her toilet. Sheldon then notices two wine glasses on the table, but accepts Penny's explanation that she's just got a bit of a drinking problem. Penny promises Sheldon she doesn't have company and shoos him out of the apartment.

When Howard returns home, Bernadette offers him a brownie she baked. Feeling fat, Howard responds emotionally. After Bernadette asks him how dinner with his mother went, Howard explains how he had to rub her ointment over her again. When Howard shows the ointment to Bernadette, she realizes why he's being so moody recently; he's being absorbing the oestrogen from his mother's cream. Back at the apartment, Amy is explaining her made-up language to Sheldon, who is distracted. Sheldon tells her he believes Penny might be cheating on Leonard.

When Sheldon and Amy go over to Penny's apartment to listen at the door, Amy thinks she hears Leonard in there. Sheldon doesn't believe her, so he decides to open the door and catch Penny in the act. Later, Leonard apologizes for not telling Sheldon, explaining he just wanted a few days with Penny. Sheldon is upset and tells Leonard there's no need for him to pretend to like him any more. Elsewhere, Raj visits Howard, who has a strange request for him. After Howard asks Raj if his boobs look bigger, he rolls up his shirt to let Raj have a feel. Soon, the pair are jumping up down, holding each others breasts.

Leonard offers to drive Sheldon to work, but rescinds his offer when Sheldon won't stop going on about Leonard's betrayal. Later, Penny meets Amy in the hallway as she arrives to take Sheldon to work. Amy tells Penny that Sheldon is also mad at her. When Sheldon comes out, Penny asks him not to be mad at her after they had so much fun together over the summer. When Amy tries to defend Penny, Sheldon tells her she's either with him or against him, although when she threatens to make him get the bus to work, he realizes there may be a third option.

As the guys eat lunch in the university cafeteria, Sheldon again chides Leonard for his actions. An emotional Howard urges the friends to put aside their petty differences, so they both agree to let it go. Later, back in the apartment, Sheldon explains all the things Leonard did for him that day. Penny is glad Sheldon and Leonard are friends again, so Sheldon tells her he's also glad he and she are friends again. When Raj expresses his happiness that they're all hanging out together again, Leonard wonders how he can talk in front of the girls without a beer.