The Raiders Minimization Season 7, Episode 4 -  Aired October 10, 2013

The Raiders Minimization

When Amy points out a plot flaw in Raiders of the Lost Ark, one of Sheldon's favorite movies, he sets out to get his revenge by ruining something Amy likes. When Penny feels sorry for Leonard after his mother publishes an embarrassing book about his childhood, Leonard finds he can manipulate Penny's sympathy and use it to his advantage. Meanwhile, Raj and Stuart join an online dating website.

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Guest Stars: Christine Baranski as Beverly Hofstadter, Kevin Sussman as Stuart

Writers: Chuck Lorre (Story), Jim Reynolds (Story), Tara Hernandez (Story), Steven Molaro (Teleplay), Jim Reynolds (Teleplay), Maria Ferrari (Teleplay)

Director: Mark Cendrowski

Viewers: 17.64 million Households Rating: 11.1/19 Adults 18-49 Rating: 5.1/17

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Episode Notes

Episode Quotes

Raj: In the last hour 162 people have read our profiles. How many of them have sent us messages?
Stuart: Combined?
Raj: Yes.
Stuart: Zero.

Beverly: Let's discuss why you continue to involve me in your sex life.
Leonard: Oh, please no mommy. No mommy.
Beverly: When you were six years old, you walked in on me and your father naked. I was swatting his bottom with your brand new ping-pong paddle.
Leonard: I didn't dream that!?
Beverly: How did that make you feel?

Sheldon: You've spent time with Amy, can you think of anything she's fond of that has a bunch of flaws she hasn't noticed?
Leonard: ... I got to go.

Sheldon: Amy ruined Raiders of the Lost Ark for me, so I'm trying to find something beloved of hers and ruin that.
Howard: Because her life wasn't enough?

Beverly Hofstadter: Hello, Leonard.
Leonard: Mom?
Beverly Hofstadter: I understand you have been whining about my parenting in order to emotionally manipulate your girlfriend.

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When Sheldon and Amy talk after watching Raiders of the Lost Ark, Sheldon is left speechless when Amy points out a plot flaw in the movie. Elsewhere, Penny and Leonard run into each other in the apartment building lobby. Penny has just bought "The Disappointing Child", a book written by his mother, Dr. Beverly Hofstadter. Leonard begs her not to read that book as it's full of horrible stories from his childhood.

In the university cafeteria, Raj tells Howard he and Stuart are setting up online dating profiles. Sheldon, meanwhile, is reading Pride and Prejudice, a book Amy loves, to try find a flaw that he can use to ruin it for her. Sheldon tells the guys how Amy pointed out that Indiana Jones is completely irrelevant to the conclusion of the film, ruining it for them too. Later, Penny wants to talk to Leonard about his mother's book. After hearing some of Leonard's depressing childhood stories, Penny feels bad for him and wonders if there's something she can do to make him feel better, leading to sex.

Raj is applying make-up to Stuart as he tries to take a photo of him as they complete their dating profiles. Meanwhile, Sheldon is reading the funny pages trying to ruin Marmaduke for Amy, since Pride and Prejudice is a flawless masterpiece. Leonard goes over to Penny's to spend a night at a sports bar, though she warns him against trying to talk sports with the guys. When Leonard doesn't want to go, he brings up how he's upset over his mom's book, so Penny decides they should stay in the apartment are order in food.

When Howard stops by Leonard's lab to pick him up for lunch, he finds Penny there saying goodbye. Howard is impressed that Leonard just had sex at work and wonders how he did it. Leonard explains how whenever he mentions how awful his mom was, Penny will do anything to make him feel better. Elsewhere, Sheldon video chats Amy to invite her to a spontaneous date night where they can watch Little House on the Prairie together. Meanwhile, Howard pretends to be sad about his childhood to Bernadette in the hope she'll have sex with him. Bernadette eventually gets him to admit the truth, he's copying Leonard's ploy with Penny.

Raj and Stuart submit their online dating profiles are wait for the ladies to roll in. Meanwhile, as Sheldon and Amy watch Little House on the Prairie, Sheldon points out the numerous plot failures. Amy realizes he's trying to get back at her for what she said about Raiders of the Lost Ark. Amy tells Sheldon that when he's angry in their relationship, he should just tell her, rather than seek revenge. Amy apologizes to Sheldon for ruining the film.

When Leonard arrives at Penny's apartment, she tells him she has something very special planned for him. As Leonard starts to undress, his mother chimes in via a video chat. Beverly tells him she understands he's been whining about her parenting in order to emotionally manipulate Penny. Penny tells him Bernadette told her everything. Beverly then goes on to discuss why Leonard continues to involve her in his sex life. Elsewhere, Raj and Stuart are disappointed that none of the women who've checked out their dating profiles have contacted them. They decide online dating isn't for them and the real thing must be better, until they get ignored by women at a bar and realize it's worse.