Quotes from ‘The Explosion Implosion’

The Explosion Implosion

'The Explosion Implosion' - Season 11, Episode 4

As Howard worries about fatherhood, he and Sheldon bond when they jointly assemble a model rocket. Meanwhile, Penny bonds with Leonard's mother, Beverly, much to his concern.

Air Date: October 16, 2017.

Quote from Bernadette

Bernadette: Well, she's nine months old, so unless it jingles or is in my bra, she doesn't care.

Quote from Penny

Penny: Like, what'd you do last night?
Beverly Hofstadter: I had Cuban food at the home of a man with whom I shared unsatisfying intercourse.
Penny: Wow. Okay.
Beverly Hofstadter: And to anticipate your next questions, roasted pork and sideways missionary.
Penny: Sure. Sure. 'Cause you were full.

Quote from Sheldon

Howard: You don't even have a license.
Sheldon: Actually, I do.
Howard: Really? Since when?
Sheldon: Three years ago. I went on a bit of a license kick. I'm also a commercial fisherman.

Quote from Sheldon

Howard: Then why don't you ever drive yourself?
Sheldon: Honestly, I barely passed my test. And the one time I drove on my own, I made a U-turn, got dizzy, threw up and walked home.
Howard: You really want to drive?
Sheldon: It seems like the perfect time. The roads are straight, there's no one around, and you don't seem to care if you live or die.
Howard: Live, Sheldon. I want to live.
Sheldon: That makes things a little trickier, but I'll do my best.

Quote from Howard

Howard: Hey, I barely know how to be a man myself. Now I have to teach someone?

Quote from Leonard

Leonard: My mother's texting you?
Penny: Yeah. We've been talking a lot lately.
Leonard: Why? She sick of talking to the magic mirror on the wall?

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