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Quotes from ‘The Celebration Reverberation’

The Celebration Reverberation

'The Celebration Reverberation' - Season 11, Episode 11

As Sheldon plans a birthday celebration for Amy, Howard is looking forward to Halley's first birthday. Meanwhile, Leonard has the holiday blues when he receives a Christmas letter from his brother detailing his many accomplishments.

Air Date: December 14, 2017.

Quote from Amy

Sheldon: Uh-oh.
Amy: What?
Sheldon: I left the food out.
Amy: You afraid it's gonna go good?

Quote from Sheldon

Amy: I know we only have coitus on my birthday, but I don't know if I can wait until midnight.
Sheldon: Oh, well, you'll be glad you did. Everyone knows the best foreplay is rigid adherence to a strict schedule.

Quote from Penny

Leonard: Well, we've been married two years. Should we think about what's next? Like buying a house or having a baby?
Penny: Look, I want to do all those things someday, but there's a bunch of stuff I want to do first.
Leonard: Okay, like what?
Penny: I don't know, stay thin and have money.

Quote from Howard

Raj: You know how many favors I had to call in with my bounce house guy to get Wonder Woman?
Howard: Is that Wonder Woman?
Raj: Technically, it's a Chinese knockoff called Happy Strong Swimsuit Lady.
Howard: Then I take it back; it's a great party.

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