Quotes from ‘The Solo Oscillation’

The Solo Oscillation

'The Solo Oscillation' - Season 11, Episode 13

After Sheldon decides to work solo without Amy, she turns to Leonard to work together on a series of science experiments. Meanwhile, geologist Bert replaces Howard in Footprints on the Moon, while Sheldon gets an unexpected source of scientific inspiration from Penny.

Air Date: January 11, 2018.

Quote from Amy

Penny: I remember telling Jenny Runyon that I would teach her how to flirt with boys if she put my name on her project. I got an "A", she got pregnant.
Amy: Girls like you are why I had to come straight home after school.

Quote from Penny

Penny: Wow, I didn't think anything could top last night's spelling bee, but here comes math.

Quote from Leonard

Leonard: Too bad, you guys kill at bar mitzvahs. And other events that people can't leave.

Quote from Sheldon

Sheldon: I'm trying to come up with a new approach to dark matter, but people keep distracting me. First, my mother kept answering the phone when I called, even though she knew I was busy. And now you show up with my favorite shape of food-- a circle made of triangles served in a square box.

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