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Quote from Beverly Hofstadter in the episode The Maternal Conclusion

Beverly Hofstadter: Have you calmed down?
Leonard: No, I'm not calm. You really hurt me.
Beverly Hofstadter: That wasn't my intention.
Leonard: It doesn't matter what you intended. What matters is the way you made me feel. Actually, the way y-you've always made me feel.
Beverly Hofstadter: I see, so you're here to tell me all the ways that I failed you as a mother.
Leonard: Yeah. And get comfortable, 'cause i-it's a long list. [exhales]
Beverly Hofstadter: Is it happening soon?
Leonard: You know what? It doesn't matter. Doesn't matter, you're never gonna change. If I want you to accept me for me, then I guess I'm gonna have to accept you for you. So I forgive you.
Beverly Hofstadter: I didn't ask you to forgive me.
Leonard: Too bad. I forgive you anyway. And I forgive myself for taking so long to do it. Oh, my God, that feels so good.
Beverly Hofstadter: I must admit, it it does feel good.
Leonard: What does?
Beverly Hofstadter: You forgiving me. It means a lot. Thank you.

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