The Apology Insufficiency Season 4, Episode 7 -  Aired November 4, 2010

The Apology Insufficiency

Howard is working on a new Department of Defense project and needs top-level security clearance. His friends are interviewed by the F.B.I. and each of them has reason to think their interview might have jeoparized Howard's job prospects.

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Guest Stars: Eliza Dushku as Angela, Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson as Himself

Writers: Chuck Lorre (Story), Lee Aronsohn (Story), Maria Ferrari (Story), Bill Prady (Teleplay), Steven Molaro (Teleplay), Steve Holland (Teleplay)

Director: Mark Cendrowski

Viewers: 14 million Households Rating: 8.4/14 Adults 18-49 Rating: 4.7/14

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Episode Notes

  • The title refers to the insufficiency of Sheldon's apology to Howard for costing him the job.

> Sheldon's Spot

When Sheldon failed to get Howard to accept his apology for costing him a government job, Sheldon offers Howard his spot on the couch as a peace offering. Howard accepted Sheldon's apology, but in the end Sheldon only let Howard sit in his spot for 94 seconds before demanding it back.

Episode Quotes

Wolowitz: But you love that spot.
Sheldon: No, I love my mother. My feelings for my spot are much greater.

Penny: OK Sheldon, what can I get ya?
Sheldon: Alcohol.
Penny: Could you be a little more specific?
Sheldon: Ethyl alcohol, 40 millilitres.

Penny: Sheldon, you can't re-program people.
Sheldon: No, you can't re-program people.

Sheldon: If ifs and buts were candies and nuts, we would all have a merry Christmas.

Sheldon: And here is my Justice League membership card, but that doesn't prove I know Batman.

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While they are eating lunch at the school cafeteria, Howard tells the guys that they may receive a visit from the FBI so he can get top security clearance. Later, at Raj's apartment, Agent Angela Page arrives to ask Raj about Howard. When Raj is unable to speak in front of the female agent, he turns to rum cake to loosen him up. Raj becomes paranoid that she will have him deported back to India and starts declaring how much he loves America.

Next to be visited by Agent Page is Leonard, who decides to try his new confident approach with her. Leonard hits on her, unaware she's married. Later, there's a knock at Sheldon and Leonard's door. Leonard asks Sheldon to answer the door and runs away when he realizes it's Agent Paige. Sheldon is distrustful of the agent until she says she's there to ask about Howard, when Sheldon accepts nobody would pretend to be the FBI just to ask about Wolowitz. As she tries to ask him questions about Howard, Sheldon reels off a list of petty complaints he has about his friend, but mistakenly also mentions Howard crashing the Mars Rover.

When Howard arrives at the cafeteria angry with his friends, he reveals he was turned down for top level clearance. He asks if they know why that might be the case. Raj admits he got a little tipsy talking to the interview, while Leonard reveals he hit on her. Sheldon says nothing and Howard leaves, angry with Raj and Leonard. Leonard notes that he thought if anyone was going to screw it up, it would have been Sheldon.

In the middle of the night, Sheldon walks out of his room and Leonard wonders what's bothering him. Sheldon tells Leonard he can't sleep and admits he cost Howard the security clearance, and that feelings of guilt must be keeping him awake. Leonard tells Sheldon he is asleep, as evidenced by the GORN on the sofa.

The next day, Sheldon visits Agent Paige's office to try convince her to change her mind, with no success. Back at the university, Raj introduces Sheldon to Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, who Sheldon tells off for demoting Pluto from planetary status. Sheldon goes to the cafeteria to apologize to Howard, but he doesn't accept the apology. Dr. Tyson comes in and says sorry to Sheldon for demoting Pluto, but Sheldon tells him to shut up and storms out. Sheldon goes to drown his sorrows at the Cheesecake Factory bar.

Back in the cafeteria, Sheldon tries to convince Howard to accept his apology using neurolinguistic programming, but when that doesn't work he offers Howard his spot on the couch. Back in the apartment, Howard is in Sheldon's spot for 94 seconds but Sheldon takes it back.