The Spoiler Alert Segmentation Season 6, Episode 15 -  Aired February 7, 2013

The Spoiler Alert Segmentation

After Sheldon spoils the sixth Harry Potter book for Leonard, he moves in with Penny, while Amy considers moving in with Sheldon. Meanwhile, as Howard and Bernadette spend the weekend in Vegas, Raj stays with Mrs. Wolowitz.

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Guest Stars: Carol Ann Susi as Mrs. Wolowitz

Writers: Chuck Lorre (Story), Eric Kaplan (Story), Steve Holland (Story), Steven Molaro (Teleplay), Maria Ferrari (Teleplay), Adam Faberman (Teleplay)

Director: Mark Cendrowski

Viewers: 18.98 million Households Rating: 11.2/18 Adults 18-49 Rating: 6.2/18

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Episode Notes

  • The title refers to Sheldon spoiling Harry Potter for Leonard, and the change in living situations that led to.

> Roommate Agreement

According to Sheldon, the roommate agreement, like the American flag, cannot touch the ground.

> Sheldon's Knock

When Sheldon gets scared that Amy is planning to move into his apartment, he knocks on Penny's door, calling for his "Good buddy Leonard", in a bid to get Leonard to return home.

Episode Quotes

Howard: If you don't leave now, she'll use food and guilt to keep you there the rest of your life.

Howard: Honestly, if I could bend that far what would I need with you.
Bernadette: If you could bend that far, you'd be doing both of us a favor.

Mrs. Wolowitz Oh please. You're a tall glass of brown water. Have dessert.

Amy: What if you could find a roommate who was a scientist and already familiar and comfortable with your ways.
Sheldon: That would be ideal. If a person like that existed, I would sign on, no further questions asked.
Amy: Great. Here I am!
Sheldon: Wait. Here who is where?
Amy: Me. Aren't I your perfect roommate?
Sheldon: Um...
Amy: Think about it, Sheldon. I'm not a stranger, we're both intellectually compatible, I'm willing to chauffeur you around town, and your personality quirks, which others find abhorrent and rage-inducing, I find cute as a button. What do you think?
Sheldon: Um.
Amy: Tell me one reason why this isn't a fantastic idea.
Sheldon: Um.
Amy: See? You can't. I'm gonna go see if Leonard's room is big enough for my water bed.
Sheldon: Um.

Sheldon: Feelings? What am I, a hippie at a love-in?

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When Leonard finally gets interested in the Harry Potter books, Sheldon reveals a major spoiler about the book Leonard's reading. Leonard is angry about the spoiler and how Sheldon, who would complain for weeks if somebody did it to him, doesn't care that he ruined Leonard's enjoyment of the book. Leonard decides he doesn't want to live with Sheldon any more and chooses to move across the hallway to Penny's apartment. Meanwhile, Raj returns a suitcase to Howard and Bernadette, who are spending the weekend in Vegas. Howard asks Raj if he wouldn't mind checking in on her while he's away.

Leonard surprises Penny by announcing he's moving into her apartment. Penny is clearly unsure about living with Leonard and tries to convince him Sheldon needs him, but Leonard persists. Meanwhile, Mrs. Wolowitz has served Raj dinner, but he is itching to get away. When Mrs. Wolowitz starts sobbing as Raj tries to leave, he decides to stay for dessert.

Sheldon and Amy are doing an inventory of the apartment now that Leonard is moving out. When Sheldon bemoans the fact he'll have to cultivate a new roommate who will follow his commands, Amy suggests she should move in as she's already comfortable with his ways. Sheldon struggles to articulate a reason why Amy isn't his perfect roommate. Sheldon goes across the hall to talk to Leonard in a bid to convince him to stay. Penny tries to nudge Leonard into moving back into the apartment, but she and Sheldon soon realize their partners have convincing arguments and they're afraid to tell them their true feelings.

The next morning, Howard calls Raj to see how it went with his mother. Raj is still in Mrs. Wolowitz's house and she's making him breakfast. Howard warns Raj if he doesn't get out, she will use food and guilt to keep him there for the rest of his life. Raj is scared to find Mrs. Wolowitz has hidden his clothing. Back at the apartment building, when Sheldon runs into Penny in the stairway and confronts her for taking Leonard away from him, she admits she doesn't want him moving in with her either. They both realize their only option is to tell their partners the truth.

Howard and Bernadette are recovering from an acrobatic session of love making when Howard receives a call from Raj, who is afraid he is trapped at Mrs. Wolowitz's house. Bernadette wonders if they should go back and rescue Raj, but Howard says it's too late and they'll see him at his Bar Mitzvah. Elsewhere, Sheldon tells Amy she can't live with him, but he claims the reason is that Penny doesn't want to live with Leonard. Amy goes over to confront Penny about this, causing Leonard to hear Penny doesn't want him to live there. Penny reveals Sheldon doesn't want to live with Amy either.

The girls go out for a drink to complain about their guys, while Leonard and Sheldon return to the apartment to watch TV. Meanwhile, Raj tries to climb out of the window at Mrs. Wolowitz's house, but she pulls him back in.