The Indecision Amalgamation Season 7, Episode 19 -  Aired April 3, 2014

The Indecision Amalgamation

Penny struggles to decide whether to take a role in an embarassing movie, a sequel to "Serial Ape-ist". Meanwhile, Sheldon is torn over which video game system to buy, and Raj is unsure how to feel when he has the chance of dating two women at once.

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Guest Stars: Wil Wheaton as Himself, Laura Spencer as Emily, Fernando Rivera as Salesperson, Rod Keller as Customer

Writers: Bill Prady (Story), Eric Kaplan (Story), Jim Reynolds (Story), Steven Molaro (Teleplay), Dave Goetsch (Teleplay), Steve Holland (Teleplay)

Director: Anthony Rich

Viewers: 17.73 million Adults 18-49 Rating: 4.9/18

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Episode Notes

  • The title refers to the decisions Sheldon, Penny and Raj find themselves having to make.
  • Penny's role in Serial Ape-ist was first mentioned in the Season 7 premiere, "The Hofstadter Insufficiency".

> Serial Ape-ist

After Penny is told the part for Serial Ape-ist 2: Monkey See, Monkey Kill is available again, she debates whether to take the job. Despite the "terrible" script and low wage, Leonard convinces Penny to take the job because she'll "have fun for a few weeks, make some money" and who knows what it might lead to.

Episode Quotes

Bernadette: I like the Wii.
Sheldon: Thanks, Grandma.

Sheldon: Oh look, a quarter!

Sheldon: Boy, do I have to urinate.
Leonard: If only there were a solution to that.

Leonard: Why did I pee before I decided to move in here?

Penny: Next time I get a speeding ticket, here come the waterworks.
Sheldon: Here come the waterworks!
*Sheldon runs off to the bathroom*
Leonard: Aren't you going to ask?
Penny: What is this, my first day?

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When nature calls for Sheldon, Leonard wonders why he refuses to go to the bathroom. Sheldon explains he's struggling to decide between the Xbox One and the PS4, and he is employing the work of a Dutch researcher who found people with full bladders make better decisions. Penny visits Leonard in the apartment to tell him that her audition went great. Later, in Penny's apartment, Bernadette tells the girls about something that happened at work which may cause her colleagues to view her as a monster. When Penny gets news that she didn't get the part she was up for, Amy reassures her that she'll be offered something soon. Penny tells her she has already been offered a part in Serial Ape-ist 2, but she's not sure whether she was to take a part in another awful horror movie.

At a coffee shop, Raj runs into Emily, the girl he had Amy contact on a dating site, whom he then tracked down like a lunatic. Raj apologizes for his creepy behavior and offers to make it up to her. Meanwhile, on their date night in Amy's apartment, Sheldon is babbling on to her about the differences between the Xbox and Playstation as he still hasn't made up his mind. Amy is irritated by Sheldon's incessant rambling and his indifference to her. Elsewhere, after Leonard reads through the script of Serial Ape-ist, Leonard suggests Penny should take the role no matter how bad the movie is as you never know where it might lead.

As the gang eats dinner in the apartment, Raj tells them about his latest encounter with Emily and their plans for the weekend. A still undecided Sheldon polls the group for their thoughts on his console dilemma. Raj is surprised to receive an email from his ex-girlfriend Lucy seeking to get together. When Raj is torn over which of the women to choose, Howard and Penny suggest he can see bother of them as he's not in an exclusive relationship. Later, at a coffee shop, Leonard and Penny meet Wil Wheaton to talk about show business, although Wil's depressing account of his own career isn't much help to Penny.

Back in the apartment, Raj tells them he has decided that he's going to start saying yes to love, adventure, life and new experiences. At an electronics store, Amy is pleased Sheldon has finally settled on a console, but Sheldon quickly backtracks and starts reconsidering his decision. In a bid to hurry him out of the store, a desperate Amy offers to buy both of the consoles for him, but Sheldon points out he only has one slot available in his entertainment center. Amy tries to get Sheldon to let a coin flip make his decision for him, but Sheldon just throws the coin away.

At a restaurant with Emily, Raj quickly breaks down and tells her that he will be seeing Lucy again. Emily finds it kind of adorable that Raj is so worried about seeing a girl he never slept with when they've only just started seeing each other. Emily tells Raj since they've only just met, he doesn't need to tell her about the other people he's seeing. Elsewhere, Sheldon and Amy are asked to leave the electronics store as it's closed. Later, when Penny gets fitted with her gorilla hands on the set of Serial Ape-ist 2, she's surprised to find Wil Wheaton has been cast in the movie.