Guest Star: Laura Spencer

Laura Spencer is an American actress known for her recurring roles on Bones as Jessica Warren and The Big Bang Theory as Emily, Raj's girlfriend.

Spencer has also made guest appearances on shows including Switched at Birth, Sleepy Hollow, and 2 Broke Girls.

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  • The Friendship Turbulence

    The Friendship Turbulence
    Season 7, Episode 17 - Aired March 6, 2014

    When a spat breaks out between Howard and Sheldon, Bernadette tries to bring peace to the group, leading Howard and Sheldon to fly to Texas together. Meanwhile, after Penny's car breaks down she wonders whether she'll have to get her job back at the Cheesecake Factory or take an embarrassing movie role. Raj seeks Amy's help in contacting a potential mate on an internet dating site.

    Appeared as Emily

  • The Indecision Amalgamation

    The Indecision Amalgamation
    Season 7, Episode 19 - Aired April 3, 2014

    Penny struggles to decide whether to take a role in an embarassing movie, a sequel to "Serial Ape-ist". Meanwhile, Sheldon is torn over which video game system to buy, and Raj is unsure how to feel when he has the chance of dating two women at once.

    Appeared as Emily

  • The Relationship Diremption

    The Relationship Diremption
    Season 7, Episode 20 - Aired April 10, 2014

    Sheldon is depressed by the state of his career after twenty fruitless years in the field of string theory. Meanwhile, when Howard and Bernadette go on a double date with Raj and Emily, Howard is embarassed to realize he hs already met Emily.

    Appeared as Emily

  • The Anything Can Happen Recurrence

    The Anything Can Happen Recurrence
    Season 7, Episode 21 - Aired April 24, 2014

    Sheldon tries to be more spontatenous and decides to bring back Anything Can Happen Thursday, leading to him spending the evening with Penny after she is angered by Amy and Bernadette. Meanwhile, Raj gets advice from Howard for his upcoming date with Emily.

    Appeared as Emily

  • The Gorilla Dissolution

    The Gorilla Dissolution
    Season 7, Episode 23 - Aired May 8, 2014

    A bad day on the set of her movie causes Penny to reconsider the decisions she's made in her career - and her romantic life. Meanwhile, Howard and Bernadette struggle to take care of an injured Mrs. Wolowitz, while Raj gets relationship advice from Sheldon.

    Appeared as Emily

  • The Hook-Up Reverberation

    The Hook-Up Reverberation
    Season 8, Episode 4 - Aired October 6, 2014

    Raj's openness about his romantic history, including his inadvertent hook-up with Penny, leads to tension when Emily finally meets Penny. After Emily is frosty to Penny, Raj tries to patch things up.

    Meanwhile, the guys consider investing in Stuart's comic book store to help it reopen after the fire, although the women in their lives don't see the investment potential.

    Appeared as Emily

  • The Prom Equivalency

    The Prom Equivalency
    Season 8, Episode 8 - Aired November 6, 2014

    After seeing Penny's old prom dress, the girls realize none of them had a memorable prom experience. They decide to throw a new prom with the guys in their life on the roof of the apartment building. As Sheldon learns about prom customs, he worries that Amy will be expecting something to happen between them. Meanwhile, Howard is angered by Stuart's choice of guest for the prom.

    Appeared as Emily

  • The Anxiety Optimization

    The Anxiety Optimization
    Season 8, Episode 13 - Aired January 29, 2015

    When Sheldon struggles to achieve a breakthrough in the field of dark matter, he decides his work environment is too comfortable and sets out to create a state of productive anxiety.  Sheldon challenges his friends to irritate him and keep him on edge, but Sheldon is not the only one riled by his newfound thirst for discomfort. Meanwhile, the gang enjoy playing a new game that Howard invented, "Emily or Cinnamon?", which proves embarrassing for Raj.

    Appeared as Emily

  • The Intimacy Acceleration

    The Intimacy Acceleration
    Season 8, Episode 16 - Aired February 26, 2015

    After Amy mentions an experiment which aimed to see whether people could fall in love in just a few hours, Sheldon and Penny volunteer to perform the experiment themselves. Sheldon and Penny spend the evening sharing intimate details about themselves.

    Meanwhile, Leonard, Amy, Raj and Emily visit an "escape room" where they are tormented by a zombie, but their intellect threatens to ruin their fun. Meanwhile, Howard and Bernadette encounter trouble as they fly back from Mrs. Wolowitz's funeral.

    Appeared as Emily

  • The Colonization Application

    The Colonization Application
    Season 8, Episode 17 - Aired March 5, 2015

    As Sheldon and Amy take a step forward in their relationship and choose to buy a pet turtle, Amy is angered to learn that Sheldon has applied for a one-way mission to colonize Mars without discussing it with her.

    Meanwhile, Leonard and Penny take a step forward in the bedroom when Leonard makes an adult purchase, while Raj worries about Emily's reaction when she finds out he's been snooping in her apartment.

    Appeared as Emily

  • The Commitment Determination

    The Commitment Determination
    Season 8, Episode 24 - Aired May 7, 2015

    After Sheldon upsets Amy on their fifth anniversary date night, Sheldon and Amy both think about the state of their relationship. Meanwhile, Sheldon's relationship reflection pushes Leonard and Penny to reexamine their engagement. Raj rethinks his relationship with Emily, while Howard and Bernadette try to make a change to their homelife.

    Appeared as Emily

  • The 2003 Approximation

    The 2003 Approximation
    Season 9, Episode 4 - Aired October 12, 2015

    When Sheldon learns that Leonard has moved out and is now living with Penny, he reverts to 2003 - a simpler time before he met Leonard and Penny. Howard and Raj form a folk sci-fi band to play live music at Stuart's Comic Book Store.

    Appeared as Emily

  • The Empathy Optimization

    The Empathy Optimization
    Season 9, Episode 13 - Aired January 14, 2016

    After having to deal with a sick Sheldon, Leonard, Penny and the gang try to treat themselves to a Sheldon-free weekend.

    Appeared as Emily

  • The Valentino Submergence

    The Valentino Submergence
    Season 9, Episode 15 - Aired February 11, 2016

    Sheldon and Amy host a live Valentine's Day episode of Fun with Flags, Leonard and Penny grapple with getting older, Howard and Bernadette find a surprise in their hot tub and Raj is torn between Emily and the cute girl he met at the Comic Bookstore.

    Appeared as Emily

  • The Application Deterioration

    The Application Deterioration
    Season 9, Episode 18 - Aired March 10, 2016

    Leonard, Sheldon, and Wolowitz run into problems when they file for a patent for their infinite persistence gyroscope. Also, Penny, Amy and Bernadette give Koothrappali dating advice when Emily reaches out to him after their breakup.

    Appeared as Emily

  • The Emotion Detection Automation

    The Emotion Detection Automation
    Season 10, Episode 14 - Aired February 2, 2017

    Raj gathers his old girlfriends, including Emily, to discuss why women keep breaking up with him.

    Appeared as Emily Sweeney

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