The Prom Equivalency Season 8, Episode 8 -  Aired November 6, 2014

The Prom Equivalency

After seeing Penny's old prom dress, the girls realize none of them had a memorable prom experience. They decide to throw a new prom with the guys in their life on the roof of the apartment building. As Sheldon learns about prom customs, he worries that Amy will be expecting something to happen between them. Meanwhile, Howard is angered by Stuart's choice of guest for the prom.

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Guest Stars: Kara Luiz as Jeanie, Laura Spencer as Emily, Carol Ann Susi as Mrs. Wolowitz

Writers: Jim Reynolds (Story), Steve Holland (Story), Jeremy Howe (Story), Steven Molaro (Teleplay), Eric Kaplan (Teleplay), Maria Ferrari (Teleplay)

Director: Mark Cendrowski

Viewers: 16.56 million Households Rating: 10.5/17 Adults 18-49 Rating: 4.3/14

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Episode Lists

  • Sheldon & Amy: Key Episodes Sheldon & Amy: Key Episodes

    The key moments in Sheldon & Amy's relationship including Howard & Raj setting them up, the signing of the relationship agreement, the first time they said "I love you", them breaking up and subsequently getting back together, the proposal, the wedding and winning the Nobel Prize together.

Episode Notes

  • The title refers to the prom the girls decide to throw to make up for the disappointing proms of their youth.

Episode Quotes

Sheldon: I really did think you looked pretty.
Amy: You did?
Sheldon: Yes. So much so that I started to panic.
Amy: Well you can relax. Just because you think I look pretty doesn't mean we have to spend the night together.
Sheldon: Were you hoping we would because it's prom?
Amy: I'm always hoping. But tonight, I just wanted to have a nice time with you. Maybe dance with someone who has arms.

Sheldon: There's no denying that I have feelings for you that can't be explained in any other way. I briefly considered that I had a brain parasite, but that seems even more far-fetched. The only conclusion was love.

Raj: Okay, here we go. [to Leonard & Penny] Say cheese. [to Sheldon & Amy] Say cheese. [to Howard & Bernadette] Say cousin.

Stuart: Oh, so she's good enough for Howard but not for me?
Howard: Yeah.
Bernadette: Yeah. Go have weird relationships with your own mother and cousin. This is his turf.

Sheldon: Thank you for understanding.
Amy: Of course I understand. Sheldon, there's something else I've been wanting to say, but before I do, I just. I want you to know you don't have to say it back. I know you're not ready and I don't want you to say it just because social convention dictates -
Sheldon: I love you, too.
Amy: You said it.

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Episode Tournaments

WinnerThis episode won our Season 8 episode tournament in June 2015.


Amy and Bernadette arrive at Penny's apartment and find her old prom dress. As the girls discuss the less than memorable proms of their past, they decide to throw a new prom and invite the guys in their lives. Penny is unsure on the idea but when Leonard mentions that it would be a dream come true to go to a prom with a girl as beautiful as Penny, she feels she can't blow this prom off.

As Bernadette discusses the prom with Howard in their apartment, they're both curious that Stuart is down as taking a plus one, and they fear it's Mrs. Wolowitz. When Howard phones Stuart, he reveals he is not taking Howard's mom to the prom. Elsewhere, Sheldon seeks advice from Penny about the prom as both of them are uncomfortable with the idea. Sheldon has the idea to pretend to be an alien to make the experience more acceptable, though Penny doesn't seem impressed. When Penny asks Sheldon if he's planning any post-prom mating rituals, Sheldon is shocked to hear of such a thing. He admits, as an alien, that he has urges and would copulate with Amy by her "firing her eggs into space" and him catching "them with the reproductive sac on my upper flermin."

Back in Leonard and Sheldon's apartment, the guys are getting ready for the prom with Leonard putting Sheldon's tie on for him. Sheldon admits he wants his first prom to go correctly and says he won't be pretending to be an alien as everybody else thought it would be weird. Sheldon says he's decided to embrace all traditions associated with prom. When Leonard raises the question of after-prom intercourse, Sheldon is surprised to hear it's a real thing, though Leonard tells him he's just joking.

Leonard and Sheldon go pick up Penny and Amy from Penny's apartment. Sheldon is overcome with fear and says he can't go through with the prom. Elsewhere, Raj and Emily, Howard and Bernadette are in the limo and are going to pick up Stuart and his date. Howard is shocked to recognize Stuart's date as his cousin Jeanie - the very one with whom he lost his virginity.

Amy knocks on Sheldon's bedroom door to talk to him about prom. Sheldon tells her that he's having an anxiety attack and admits his main fear is that she's expecting them to have sex tonight. Back in the limo, Stuart is discussing how he met Jeanie - complete with numerous Yiddish words. Bernadette takes Howard's side and berates Stuart for starting another inappropriate relationship with one of Howard's family members. On the roof at the apartment, Penny and Leonard share a dance. Still in the limo, Howard is physically fighting Stuart.

Standing outside Sheldon's bedroom door, Amy pushes Sheldon by saying she's not missing another prom and is going to go upstairs now. Sheldon opens the door to say he really did think Amy looked pretty, so much so that he started to panic. Amy reassures him that just because he thinks she looks pretty, it doesn't mean something has to happen. Sheldon asks whether she was hoping something would happen as its prom and Amy says she's always hoping, but tonight she just wants to have a nice time with him. When Sheldon thanks Amy for understanding, she begins to tell him something with the clear indication that he needn't feel pressured to say it back. Before Amy can get to her point, Sheldon says "I love you, too." Sheldon says there's no denying he has feelings for her that can't be explained in any other way. When it appears Amy is having a panic attack, Sheldon instructs her to lie down - just not in his bedroom.

Back on the roof top, Raj is taking the prom photos when Stuart receives a call from Mrs. Wolowitz and leaves his date hanging.