The Anything Can Happen Recurrence Season 7, Episode 21 -  Aired April 24, 2014

The Anything Can Happen Recurrence

Sheldon tries to be more spontatenous and decides to bring back Anything Can Happen Thursday, leading to him spending the evening with Penny after she is angered by Amy and Bernadette. Meanwhile, Raj gets advice from Howard for his upcoming date with Emily.

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Guest Stars: Carol Ann Susi as Mrs. Wolowitz, Laura Spencer as Emily, Kimberly Hebert Gregory as Ms. Davora

Writers: Steven Molaro (Story), Eric Kaplan (Story), Adam Faberman (Story), Jim Reynolds (Teleplay), Steve Holland (Teleplay), Tara Hernandez (Teleplay)

Director: Mark Cendrowski

Viewers: 16.44 million Adults 18-49 Rating: 4.5/16

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Episode Notes

  • The title simply refers to the return of Anything Can Happen Thursdays.
  • Anything Can Happen Thursday was first introduced in the Season 2 episode "The Hofstadter Isotope".

> Sheldon's Knock

When Sheldon, Leonard and Penny see Amy and Bernadette in a bar when they said they were busy, they wonder why their friends lied to them. To find out, Sheldon knocks on the bar window, calling for Amy and Bernadette, before asking "Why did you lie to us?"

Episode Quotes

Penny: Sheldon, what did we say about being a nicer friend?
Leonard: Thank you.
Penny: Leonard, what did we say about being a gullible weeny?

Raj: Hey, listen to this. Murder, cannibalism and satanic rituals are just a few of the thousand-plus horrors that await.
Howard: I just helped my mum out of the tub, so I'm one slippery horror ahead of you.

Raj: Why can't I be in a relationship with a girl who likes The Sound of Music?
Howard: Raj, you are the girl in the relationship who likes The Sound of Music.

Raj: You know when Cinnamon won't take her medicine. I hide it in a piece of cheese.
Howard: Good idea. We can wrap up the pill in cheese, feed it to Cinnamon and then my mom can eat Cinnamon.

Sheldon: I don't mean to be rude or discourteous, but before we begin. I'd just like to say there's absolutely no scientific evidence to support clairvoyance of any kind. Which means - and again, no insult intended - you're a fraud, your profession is a swindle, and your livelihood is dependent on the gullibility of stupid people. But again, no offense.

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As Penny tells Leonard about her day at work on the set of Serial Ape-ist 2, Sheldon asks for Leonard's help determining his next field of research. When Leonard tells Sheldon which areas he considers most promising, Sheldon crosses them off his list. When Penny tells Sheldon he is trying too hard and should take his mind off his career, Leonard suggests they revive Anything Can Happen Thursdays. After Leonard, Sheldon and Penny struggle to think of something that's fun, different and free, they eventually decide to go for a walk and see if they can find a new restaurant. Raj and Howard are spending the night at Howard's mom, and Leonard wonders if they should invite the girls along. Penny says Bernadette's working late and Sheldon says Amy's ill, so the trio head out alone.

At Howard's mom's house, Howard tells Raj his mom's feeling better but would be even better if she'd actually take her medicine. When Howard asks Raj what he feels like doing, Raj suggests they watch a horror film that Emily wants to watch with him the next day. Howard agrees to watch the scary movie, but when Raj gets freaked out by a hair on the disc, he doesn't think he'll do very well watching it. Elsewhere, as Sheldon, Leonard and Amy walk down the street, they spot Amy and Bernadette having drinks in a bar. Penny and Sheldon want to know why Amy and Bernadette lied to them. Amy admits she needed a break from Sheldon obsessing over what to do after string theory, while Bernadette didn't want another night of hearing how miserable Penny is about her movie. When Penny asks Leonard if he thinks she's been complaining about the movie too much, he doesn't deny it. Penny thinks she needs a break from them, so she takes Sheldon with her to have an Anything Can Happen Thursday of their own.

At a restaurant, Sheldon is puzzled by his Asian fusion food. Penny asks Sheldon if she complains about the movie too much, but he doesn't think she does. Penny wonders why Sheldon isn't mad at Amy for lying to him, but he says he is and will be bringing her to this restaurant as a punishment. Back at Mrs. Wolowitz's house, Raj wonders why Emily enjoys the graphic violence of the film. Howard argues it doesn't matter if there's something psychologically wrong with Emily, as Raj would date her anyway. Elsewhere, Amy feels bad about lying to Sheldon and wonders how she can make it up to him. Bernadette doesn't feel guilty about lying to Howard and Penny, while Leonard is proud his relationship is built on honesty, his honesty at least.

Raj is growing more disturbed by the horror film and wonders why he can't be in a relationship with a girl who likes The Sound of Music. When Howard receives a phone call from Penny telling him Bernadette lied to him, rather than being angry, Howard is excited at the prospect of Bernadette dressing naughtily for him that night. Meanwhile, as they walk down the street, Sheldon and Penny stop at a psychic's shop. Sheldon doesn't want to go in, but Penny tells him they're trying new things tonight.

Back at the bar, Leonard wonders why he and Amy never hang out together., but Amy thinks it's weird. Leonard receives a call from Penny informing him she and Sheldon are visiting a psychic. Amy is surprised Penny convinced Sheldon to do, and wonders when he'll be as comfortable with her as he is with Penny. Elsewhere, as Sheldon and Penny sit down before the psychic, Sheldon explains how there is no evidence to support clairvoyance. Penny tells the psychic that Sheldon is a physicist who's trying to figure out what his next field of study will be. The psychic tells him her spirit guides say there's a women in his life he's having problems with, a woman with dark hair he's in a romantic relationship with. The psychic says Sheldon should give himself to the relationship and, once he does, all his other pursuits will come into focus. Sheldon storms out after calling it malarkey.

The next night, Raj sits down with Emily to watch the horror movie. Raj tells Emily how these movies are not his kind of thing and he wonders what they says about someone who enjoys them. Emily admits she wonders the same thing, but she reveals the movies kinda turn her on. Back at the apartment, Amy turns up to try make it up to Sheldon. Having taken Bernadette's advice, she's dressed in a Catholic school uniform, though Sheldon is unimpressed.