The Skywalker Incursion Season 8, Episode 19 -  Aired April 2, 2015

The Skywalker Incursion

When Sheldon and Leonard are invited to give a lecture at UC Berkeley, they take a detour on the way there in the hopes of meeting an idol of theirs. Meanwhile, when Howard and Bernadette can't agree on the future of Howard's Doctor Who TARDIS, a ping pong battle with Penny, Raj and Amy settles the debate.

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Guest Stars: Tate Ellington as Mitchell, Michael Dempsey as Security Guard, Mark Barrett as Security Guard #2 (V.O.)

Writers: Jim Reynolds (Story), Tara Hernandez (Story), Jeremy Howe (Story), Steven Molaro (Teleplay), Steve Holland (Teleplay), Maria Ferrari (Teleplay)

Director: Mark Cendrowski

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Episode Notes

  • The title refers to Sheldon and Leonard's attempt to visit George Lucas's home, and particularly Sheldon's attempt to get past the guards at the Skywalker Ranch.

Episode Quotes

Amy: Have you made a decision about the TARDIS? I think I can sell it if we call it Big British Portapotty.

Howard: Come on, one day this may double in value and be worth half what I paid for it!

Sheldon: Amy, the Daleks are right on my tail. Quick, we need to reset the time circuits. Oh no, I left my Sonic Screwdriver behind.
Amy: Really should have thought this through.

Bernadette: If this doesn't get him in to your bedroom, nothing will.

Sheldon: Play that funky music, white boy.
Leonard: I'm surprised you know that reference.
Sheldon: What reference?

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Before eating dinner, Sheldon is working on an opening joke for his and Leonard's upcoming lecture at UC Berkeley. Sheldon shows Leonard, Penny and Amy the content of his Public Restroom Kit, which he takes with him when he travels to avoid unpleasant situations in public bathrooms.

In the car on their way to Berkeley, Sheldon and Leonard play a physics game Sheldon invented, "I Can't Spy". The pair are excited to be giving a lecture about their paper. Meanwhile, Bernadette and Howard invite Penny, Raj and Amy over to help them sort through Mrs. Wolowitz's house for a garage sale. Howard is surprised to see Bernadette has stuck a price label on the Doctor Who TARDIS that he was planning on keeping.

Back in Leonard's car, he and Sheldon are listening to music when Leonard notes that they're making good time. When Sheldon worries about getting to hotel too early, they realize they will be passing by George Lucas's house. Although Leonard isn't as confident as Sheldon that they'll be able to meet Mr. Lucas, he decides it's worth driving by the house anyway just to see it in person. Elsewhere, Penny and Raj are playing ping pong when Amy wonders whether Howard has decided to sell the TARDIS. Howard wants to keep it but Bernadette wants it sold. Raj suggests they settle it with a game of ping pong, but Bernadette doesn't think that's fair as she didn't have a ping pong table growing up. Penny offers to play for Bernadette and, fearing he's outmatched, Raj offers to play for Howard.

When Sheldon and Leonard arrive at the gates of the Skywalker Ranch, they try to explain through the intercom system that they're just fans who were hoping to meet Mr. Lucas. When a voice on the other end announces the speaker isn't working, the pair are unexpectedly told to drive on. The guys arrive at a checkpoint where they explain their intentions to a security guard. The guard isn't able to let the guys in, but he offers to give them some Star Wars merchandise. After the guard leaves to get the merchandise, Sheldon runs out of the car and attempts to reach the property, only to be chased and tazered by security guards.

When Raj is winning the ping pong game for Howard, Bernadette tries to convince Raj to take the TARDIS for himself. Swayed by Bernadette's offer, Raj throws the game, so Howard replaces him with Amy. Fearing Penny will be outmatched by Amy, Bernadette replaces her with Raj. Meanwhile, Sheldon and Leonard are in a security holding room on George Lucas's estate. Sheldon is worried that they'll call the police, while Leonard is angry with Sheldon for landing them in this situation. The guard tells them they are being let go, but they will be arrested if they try to enter the property again.

In the deciding match of the ping pong battle, Raj and Amy both manage to beat the other player on serves but fail to return them. Bernadette talks Amy into taking the TARDIS for her apartment by mentioning how Sheldon might feel about that. Cut to Amy's apartment where the TARDIS is now fitted over her bedroom door. Elsewhere, Sheldon and Leonard return home to the apartment. Leonard is angry that Sheldon's attempt to meet George Lucas meant they missed their lecture. Sheldon points out that they're the only one of their friends who can say they've been at George Lucas's house. Plus, Leoanrd got to see Sheldon tazered.

In Amy's bedroom, Sheldon is in character as the Fourth Doctor, when Amy begins to regret winning the TARDIS.