The Discovery Dissipation Season 7, Episode 10 -  Aired December 5, 2013

The Discovery Dissipation

When Sheldon's accidental science discovery is disproved by Leonard, he and Amy help Sheldon get over his shame. Meanwhile, Howard and Bernadette get some unwanted relationship advice from Raj, who's staying at their apartment for a week.

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Guest Stars: Wil Wheaton as Himself, John Ross Bowie as Barry Kripke, Ira Flatow as Himself

Writers: Eric Kaplan (Story), Jim Reynolds (Story), Maria Ferrari (Story), Steven Molaro (Teleplay), Steve Holland (Teleplay), Adam Faberman (Teleplay)

Director: Mark Cendrowski

Viewers: 15.63 million Households Rating: 10.1/16 Adults 18-49 Rating: 4.8/14

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Episode Notes

  • The title refers to Sheldon's accidental discovery being disproved.

Episode Quotes

Bernadette: Aww, Raj did the dishes.
Howard: How do you know I didn't do them?
Bernadette: Because once when all the knives were dirty, you cut a bagel with your keys.

Sheldon: No, that's okay. I can fight my own battles. Isn't that right, Bawwy?
Barry Kripke: Is that a reference to my speech impediment? That's pretty hurtful. I can't control it.
Sheldon: You're right. That was uncalled for. I take it back.
Barry Kripke: Of course you do, because you're The Retractor!

Penny: (To Raj's dog) Bark once if you need me to call PETA.

Raj: Sheldon, I think you might find the support you're looking for if you realize relationships are a give and take. She can only be there for you as much as you are for her.
Amy: Thank you, Rajesh.
Raj: And Amy, you need to be patient with Sheldon and stop pressuring him into accepting intimacy on your terms.
Amy: You should probably go.

Sheldon: What's that animal doing in our apartment?
Leonard: She's in her crate, she can't get out.
Sheldon: I have two words for you: Jurassic Park.

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Sheldon is being interviewed on the radio by Ira Flatow of Science Friday, but Sheldon would rather not talk about his accidentally discovery. Back at the apartment, Sheldon complains on the phone to the university president about being made to do interviews. Amy, Leonard and Penny try to convince Sheldon that he'll need to be comfortable doing interviews about his discovery, but Sheldon doesn't want to be celebrated for something he wishes he never did. Meanwhile, Bernadette wants Howard to help her tidy up their apartment ahead of Raj staying there. Bernadette is irked to find out that Raj will be staying with them for a week, and he's bringing Cinnamon.

While Sheldon plays with his model train set in his room, Amy brings Wil Wheaton over to talk to Sheldon. Wil takes Sheldon about how a lot of people hated him as Wesley Crusher on Star Trek, but that he learned to embrace that part of his life and move on to other things. Sheldon sees what Wil's saying and finds it helpful. Later, Sheldon calls President Siebert again to tell him he will enthusiastically co-operate in promoting his discovery. Elsewhere, Bernadette arrives back at her apartment after work. While Howard expects her to cook dinner, Raj offers to take care of it and asks her about her day, actually listening to her.

Leonard tells Sheldon that he has been re-running the tests on Sheldon's element and has disproved it. Sheldon's element does not exist, the other research team faked the data. Leonard expects Sheldon to be happy that all the attention he hates will go away, but Sheldon is angry that Leonard robbed him of his greatest achievement. Even though he's deeply unhappy about it, Sheldon insists Leonard publish his information as it's the ethical thing to do as a scientist. Meanwhile, Howard criticizes Raj for being a better husband than he is, making him look bad to Bernadette.

Leonard goes to Sheldon's office to tell him he published his findings. Barry Kripke arrives to torment Sheldon, labelling him The Retractor. Having had enough of Barry's ribbing, Sheldon mocks his speech impediment. A seemingly hurt Barry tells Sheldon he can't control his speech impediment, so Sheldon takes it back, causing to Barry to once again call him The Retractor. Meanwhile, Bernadette and Howard start arguing, both wondering why the other isn't as good a partner as Raj. They eventually realize the cause of their arguing is Raj.

Back at the apartment, Raj is now staying there after Howard and Bernadette kicked him out. When Sheldon arrives home upset following a bad day, Amy tries to comfort him. When Sheldon snaps at Amy, Raj tries to console the. Amy tells Raj to go when he suggests she should stop pressuring Sheldon to accept intimacy on her terms.

Later, Sheldon and Leonard are being interviewed on Science Friday by Ira Flatow, although Sheldon showed up uninvited. As Ira questions Leonard about his discovery, Sheldon keeps butting in and soon starts yodelling.