The Meemaw Materialization Season 9, Episode 14 -  Aired February 4, 2016

The Meemaw Materialization

Sheldon's thrilled when his Meemaw comes to visit, but his excitement quickly fades when she butts heads with Amy. Also, Raj meets a new girl at the comic book store who makes him question his relationship with Emily.

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Guest Stars: June Squibb as Meemaw, Alessandra Torresani as Claire

Writers: Chuck Lorre (Story), Jim Reynolds (Story), Maria Ferrari (Story), Steven Molaro (Teleplay), Steve Holland (Teleplay), Tara Hernandez (Teleplay)

Director: Mark Cendrowski

Viewers: 15.29 million Households Rating: 9.9/16 Adults 18-49 Rating: 3.8/13

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Episode Notes

  • The title refers to the visit by Sheldon's Meemaw.

> Sheldon's Spot

When Amy arrives at the apartment to meet Sheldon's Meemaw, Amy finds her sitting in Sheldon's spot.

"Amy: And look at you, sitting in Sheldon's spot. You know, I don't even get to sit there.

Sheldon: Yeah. And you never will."

> Sheldon's Knock

Sheldon knocks on Penny's apartment door after being sent away from Amy and his Meemaw's chilly conversation in his own apartment.

Episode Quotes

Meemaw: Thank you, Moon Pie.
Amy: Uh, I'm curious. Why do you call Sheldon "Moon Pie?"
Meemaw: 'Cause he's so nummy-nummy.
Leonard and Penny: She could just eat him up.

Amy: That's great. And look at you, sitting in Sheldon's spot. You know, I don't even get to sit there.
Sheldon: Yeah. And you never will.

Amy: You have an engagement ring?
Sheldon: Yes.
Amy: Penny, did you know about this?
Penny: All right, let's go.

Amy: Well, this is so nice. He's so excited to have you here and-
Meemaw: Okay, now let's you and me get something straight. He may think that I came to bake him cookies, but the real reason is to size you up.
Amy: S-S-si-Size me up?
Meemaw: Sheldon's mother may be okay with you, but I'm not so easy.
Amy: Well, I-I'm I'm sure you'll like me once you get to know me.
Meemaw: Oh, you better hope so.

Meemaw: Moonpie!
Sheldon: Meemaw! I'm so happy to see you!
Meemaw: I'm happy to see you, too!
Sheldon: Oh, you got even smaller. I love it!

News Stories

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914 'The Meemaw Materialization' Press Release January 22, 2016

CBS has issued the synopsis for the next episode of The Big Bang Theory, "The Meemaw Materialization", which airs Thursday, February 5. June Squibb guest stars as Sheldon's Meemaw in the episode.  Full story


When Sheldon, Leonard and Penny arrive at the apartment building, Sheldon checks the mailbox and finds a letter from his Meemaw. As they walk the stairs of the building, Sheldon is delighted to read that his Meemaw is coming to visit. Leonard is excited to finally meet her.

At Los Angeles International Airport, Sheldon is watching passersby and telling Leonard each one is not his Meemaw. As Sheldon decides to try find out where she is from her iPhone, Meemaw arrives and walks over to him. After Sheldon introduces her to Leonard, he offers to carry her bags and says it’s so nice to finally meet her.

At the comic book store, Howard and Raj argue over the plot of Frozen. A woman joins their conversation to ask if they knew that the song “Let it Go” was written before the movie. After the woman admits she thinks the movie is overrated, Howard says that’s what he told Raj an hour ago.

At the apartment, Sheldon asks eemaw if she’s comfortable in his spot. When there’s a knock at the door, Sheldon answers the door to Amy. The woman exchange pleasantries, saying it’s nice to meet each other. After Sheldon tells Amy to sit down so she and Meemaw can get to know each other, he excuses himself to prepare a room for Meemaw. After Sheldon leaves, Meemaw’s tone changes as she turns to Amy and tells her the real reason she’s there is to size her up. Meemaw tells Amy that Sheldon’s mother might be okay with her, but she’s not so easy.

At the comic book store, Howard and Raj sit down in the seating area where the woman is reading “Saga”. Raj and Howard introduce themselves to the woman, whose name is Claire. She explains this is her first time at the comic book store. She is looking for inspiration for a movie she’s writing. After Raj tells her he is an astrophysicist, she asks if she could pick his brain for her movie sometime. Claire leaves her number and tells Raj to give her a call sometime. After she leaves, Howard reminds Raj he has a girlfriend who might not be happy with him helping a beautiful woman with her screenplay.

After Leonard and Penny join Sheldon, Amy and Meemaw in the apartment, Amy wonders why Meemaw calls Sheldon “moon pie”. Meemaw explains it’s because he’s so “nummy-nummy she could just eat him up.” Meemaw is surprised that Leonard and Penny know about Sheldon’s nickname but Amy doesn’t. Meemaw mentions Penny’s new job, saying it’s great how modern women can have a husband and a full-time career. When Amy points out she has a full-time career too, Meemaw argues that does not bode well. Meemaw claims Sheldon needs more tending to than Leonard, whose work is really more of a hobby.

Amy tells Meemaw she understands she is protective of her grandson, but she points out he is an adult and she may know better what he needs. Meemaw appreciates Amy’s honesty and gives her some more candor in return, declaring she doesn’t like Amy very much. Amy says she doesn’t like Meemaw much either. Amy tells Sheldon she thinks she should leave. Amy mentions how Meemaw gave her a hard time after he left the room. Meemaw tells Sheldon to let her go and under no circumstance to give her the engagement ring. Amy is stunned to learn that Sheldon had an engagement ring.

Amy asks Sheldon when he got an engagement ring. He explains his mother gave it to him and he had been thinking about giving it to her, but then they broke up. After Meemaw expresses her happiness that they split up, Amy asks Sheldon to tell his grandmother to stay out of this. Sheldon doesn’t think he could do that. As Amy and Meemaw bicker, Sheldon asks whether this crankiness is because their cycles have synced. Meemaw tells Sheldon to leave the room and let the grown-ups talk.

When Raj joins Howard and Bernadette in their kitchen, she doesn’t think it’s so bad that Raj is meeting up with a woman to help her with her screenplay. Howard claims that Raj was really flirting earlier, but Bernadette is sure it was harmless. Bernadette says the real question is where is he with Emily. Raj thinks they’re good, but things like this make him wonder if she’s really the woman for him. After Raj asks them if they had doubts early in their relationship, Howard says no but Bernadette absolutely did.

In Leonard and Penny’s apartment, Penny admits there wasn’t this much excitement the last time she saw her grandmother. When Sheldon comes over, he explains they asked him to leave so they could speak privately. Sheldon admits it was quite tense over there, so he wonders which one of them will go over and collect his toy trains.

Back at Howard and Bernadette’s, Raj tells them he has made up his mind and is going to do the right thing. He will call Claire and tell her he is in a relationship. Howard and Bernadette point out Raj has already said he has “made up his mind” a few times tonight. When Raj calls Claire, he tells her that he has a girlfriend and didn’t want to mislead her after she asked him out. Claire makes clear that she did not ask him out. She only wanted help with her screenplay. After Raj apologizes for wasting her time and wishes her luck with the screenplay, Claire points out they’re both adults and can get together without it meaning anything. After Claire insists they would just be meeting for coffee, Raj accepts her invitation. Raj tells Howard and Bernadette that he will tell Emily as they have no secrets, but Howard wonders when he will tell Emily.

Back in the apartment, Amy tells Meemaw she has no idea how much she puts up with from Sheldon. Meemaw argues she has lots of experience living with a stubborn, egotistical man as that was her husband. Amy wonders why she’s giving her such a hard time then. Meemaw says when Amy broke up with Sheldon it hurt him deeply and she doesn’t want to see that happen again.

After Leonard and Penny bring Sheldon over to say something, he tells his Meemaw that he has to defend his girlfriend. Sheldon says he knows his Pop-Pop was a difficult man, but he watched Meemaw stand by him and turn him into a better person. Sheldon claims that’s exactly what he’s been doing for the last five years with Amy. Amy argues that what Sheldon means to say is that they have both grown together. Meemaw tells Sheldon if he feels so strongly, she will not stand in their way. After Amy asks if they would have her blessing if Sheldon wanted to give her the engagement ring, Meemaw says she supposes so.

At the comic book store, while Raj gives Claire tips on her screenplay, he starts daydreaming about a future where they have a family together. When Claire asks whether Raj ever told Emily about them, he defensively says he will.