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Quote from the episode The Zazzy Substitution

Leonard: But there is something I should prepare you for.
Mary Cooper: Oh, relax, Leonard. I have raised that boy. I have seen him at his best and I've seen him at his worst. There's nothing he can do that will surprise me.

Quote from the episode The Luminous Fish Effect

Mary Cooper: Good morning, snickerdoodle. Well that looks awful fancy, what is that?
Sheldon: It's my idea of what DNA would look like in a silicon-based life-form.
Mary Cooper: But intelligently designed by a creator, right?

Quote from the episode The Maternal Combustion

Sheldon: Leonard's mom is a renowned psychiatrist and woman of science. Can you please keep the Bible babble to yourself while she's here?
Mary Cooper: Are you ashamed of me?
Sheldon: Of course not. I love you. I'm just embarrassed by the things you believe, do and say.
Mary Cooper: Well, I love you, too, my little bowl of lion chow.

Quote from the episode The Matrimonial Momentum

Mary Cooper: Do you wanna tell me what happened?
Sheldon: Are you gonna say it's all part of God's plan?
Mary Cooper: Good chance.

Quote from the episode The Luminous Fish Effect

Howard: Forgive me for being so bold, but I now see where Sheldon gets his charming good looks.
Mary: Honey, that ain't gonna work, but you keep trying.

Quote from the episode The Holiday Summation

Mary Cooper: Thank you, God, for the food we are about to receive and for the nourishment of our bodies and bless the hands that prepared it. Amen.
Sheldon: Given that your hands prepared it, isn't that a little self-serving?
Mary Cooper: You start changing the words to the prayers, next thing you know, you're in a church with a guitar.

Quote from the episode The Bow Tie Asymmetry

Mary: Let me straighten your tie.
Sheldon: No, no, no, it's all right. It's supposed to be a little asymmetrical. Apparently, a small flaw somehow improves it.
Mary: I can see that. Sometimes it's the imperfect stuff that makes things perfect.
Sheldon: Excuse me. *Sheldon rushes out of the room*
Mary: Case in point.

Quote from the episode The Holiday Summation

Amy: Sheldon, what what are you doing?
Sheldon: Just being the un-socialized eccentric my mother always thought I was.
Mary Cooper: You startin' to see why I didn't go in there?

Quote from the episode The Rhinitis Revelation

Leonard: Kung Fu letters might not be politically correct.
Mary Cooper: Oh, I thought the one we couldn't say was Ching-Chong.
Leonard: Yeah, that too.

Quote from the episode The Bow Tie Asymmetry

Mary: Thank you again for picking us up.
Raj: (chuckles) My pleasure, Mrs. Cooper.
Mary: You know, our driver to the airport was also a Indian fella.
Missy: Mom!
Mary: Oh, so now it's racist to notice when somebody's Indian.
Raj: I don't think it's racist. I noticed you were both white.
Mary: See?

Quote from the episode The Electric Can Opener Fluctuation

Sheldon: Thanks for carving a smiley face in my grilled cheese sandwich.
Mary Cooper: Well, I know how to take care of my baby. His eyes came out a little thin, but you can just pretend he's Chinese.

Quote from the episode The Convergence Convergence

Alfred Hofstadter: So, after your husband passed, you never remarried?
Mary Cooper: No, just focused on work and the church.
Alfred Hofstadter: Ah. And what do you do?
Mary Cooper: I work at the church.

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