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Quote from the episode The Perspiration Implementation

Stuart: All right, I'm not saying it's true, but let's consider for a moment that possibly I'm the problem.
Penny: Yeah.
Bernadette: You are.
Amy: You can say it.

Quote from the episode The Perspiration Implementation

Bernadette: Are you attracted to him?
Amy: I don't know.
Penny: All right, well, what happens if you imagine him naked?
Amy: Oh, I don't have to imagine it. (holds up her phone)

Quote from the episode The Empathy Optimization

Sheldon: You know, I'm not the only one who's unpleasant when they're sick. When Penny got food poisoning, she threw up so loudly I could barely hear the television.
Amy: Ooh, I just heard something. Might be hail, might be gunfire. Either way, I'm gonna go take pictures.

Quote from the episode The Celebration Experimentation

Amy: You realize none of those things would happen now?
Sheldon: I do, but why do you care if I celebrate my birthday at all?
Amy: Well, you made my last birthday so memorable, I wanted to return the favor.

Quote from the episode The Convergence Convergence

Alfred Hofstadter: Now, one of the more exciting things to be found recently is that Neanderthals and Homo Sapiens frequently mated with each other.
Mary Cooper: Well, that certainly explains my marriage to Sheldon's father.
Sheldon: That's funny because my father was not a very clever man.
Amy: I'd be lost without you.

Quote from the episode The Hofstadter Insufficiency

Amy: So I can drink this drink without giving up the goodies?

Quote from the episode The Focus Attenuation

Bernadette: Have you ever seen a body so fine?
Amy: We had some pretty hot corpses in my anatomy class but none of them moved like that.

Quote from the episode The Junior Professor Solution

Amy: The important thing is I am here for you so we can mutually disparage this unpleasing third party.

Quote from the episode The Collaboration Fluctuation

Amy: You know, I like harp lessons, but I'm thinking of switching to elevator repair lessons.

Quote from the episode The First Pitch Insufficiency

Amy: It's a good thing I'm not wearing flag underwear right now, cause there's about to be a fire.

Quote from the episode The Expedition Approximation

Raj: All this time, I never knew there were steam tunnels down here.
Amy: Most universities have them. When I was an undergrad, I spent three days in one pledging a sorority.
Raj: Did you get in?
Amy: No, they forgot I was there. But it really opened up my pores.

Quote from the episode The Santa Simulation

Amy: You think that's bad? In college, I passed out at a frat party and woke up with more clothes on.

Quote from the episode The Countdown Reflection

Amy: No, no, no, this is not the wedding I wanted. I wanted to wear my maid of honor dress and walk down the aisle with a hundred eyes on me, while a string quartet plays The Way You Look Tonight.
Bernadette: That wasn't going to be our procession music.
Amy: Well, it was going to be mine.

Quote from the episode The Higgs Boson Observation

Penny: What are you doing?
Amy: Isn't it obvious? I'm spreading my scent to mark my territory.
Penny: Come on, Amy. That is not going to work.
Amy: Really? Because just before you became my best friend, I did this all over your apartment.

Quote from the episode The Troll Manifestation

Amy: It's not about me and Sheldon. It's about a young woman in the 1800s named Amelia, and the time-traveling physicist named Cooper she falls in love with.

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