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Quote from the episode The Fuzzy Boots Corollary

Leonard: How do I look?
Sheldon: Could you be more specific?
Leonard: Can you tell I'm perspiring a little?
Sheldon: No. The dark crescent-shaped patterns under your arms conceal it nicely.

Quote from the episode The Habitation Configuration

Sheldon: See, the core problem is that Amy and Wil do not like each other, which is baffling because they're both crazy about me. And I like them, which indicates they're bright and interesting and/or were on Star Trek.

Quote from the episode The Helium Insufficiency

Sheldon: Right this way, Uncle Harvey.
Leonard: Will you stop with that already?
Sheldon: I'm trying not to attract attention.
Leonard: And tipping his hat to the cleaning lady didn't do that?
Sheldon: She said, "Buenas noches." What was he supposed to do?

Quote from the episode The Date Night Variable

Amy: I don't understand. What's he doing here?
Sheldon: I invited him.
Amy: On our date? Sheldon, that's not okay.
Sheldon: Yes, it is. There's a loophole in the Relationship Agreement.
Amy: You found a loophole?

Quote from the episode The Speckerman Recurrence

Sheldon: Okay, Penny, if it were a game, here are your choices. An e-mail from an old acquaintance, or the head of one of the largest religious institutions in the world slam dunking to Sweet Georgia Brown. Pick.
Leonard: Just do it, 'cause he's not gonna let it go.
Penny: Basketball Pope.
Sheldon: And thats how it's done.

Quote from the episode The Pancake Batter Anomaly

Leonard: What the hell are you doing?
Sheldon: I'm making petri dishes to grow throat cultures.
Leonard: With lime jello?
Sheldon: I need a growth medium, and someone polished off the apricot yogurt. Here, swab my throat.

Quote from the episode The Vacation Solution

Howard: I haven't seen him laugh that hard since the day Leonard made that multiplication error.
Sheldon: Oh, Oh, Lord, that multiplication error! He thought he carried the one. But he didn't.
Leonard: It's not funny. That mistake got published.
Sheldon: Stop! I'm going to wet myself!

Quote from the episode The Fuzzy Boots Corollary

Sheldon: What time is your date?
Leonard: Six thirty.
Sheldon: Perfect, that gives you two hours and fifteen minutes for that dense molecular cloud of Aramis to dissipate.
Leonard: Is it too much?
Sheldon: Not if you're a rugby team.

Quote from the episode The Novelization Correlation

Amy: I thought we were having dinner at Leonard and Penny's.
Sheldon: Oh, no. No, they're watching the new Professor Proton. I can't keep Wil Wheaton off the Internet, but I can keep him off my retinas.

Quote from the episode The Habitation Configuration

Penny: Come on, someone insulted your girlfriend and you just let him do it. I thought you Texas guys stood up for your womenfok.
Sheldon: Penny, please. I think I've evolved beyond my simple rustic upbringing.
Penny: Sorry.
Sheldon: On the other hand, that low-down polecat done wronged my woman.

Quote from the episode The Application Deterioration

Patent Attorney: Just need you to review and sign this document acknowledging that you understand the university will own 75% of the patent.
Howard: 75%?
Sheldon: That's outrageous. This is our idea based on our research. How can you possibly justify owning a majority share?
Patent Attorney: It's university policy.
Sheldon: Well, I know when I'm beat.

Quote from the episode The Bon Voyage Reaction

Sheldon: Penny, we’re in the red zone. The white zone is for loading and unloading. We’re breaking the law.

Quote from the episode The Conjugal Conjecture

Mary Cooper: How could you think that I would spend the night with a man I just met?
Sheldon: A man named Jesus convinced you to build a church in Africa. You're kind of a sucker.

Quote from the episode The Veracity Elasticity

Sheldon: Buda and Pest united to form Budapest. And that's why Budapest is the "Budabest".

Quote from the episode The Romance Recalibration

Sheldon: Well, what can we do to cheer you up?
Leonard: I really don't know.
Sheldon: You want to play Jenga? Or, uh, Ticket to Ride? Hearthstone? What would you be the happiest losing at?

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