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Quote from the episode The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification

Penny: I'm a little low on cash.
Leonard: How much you got?
Penny: Nothing.
Leonard: How can you walk around with no money?
Penny: I'm cute, I get by.

Quote from the episode The Dumpling Paradox

Penny: Hey, guys! My friends and I got tired of dancing so we came over to have sex with you.
(The guys continue to play Halo).
Penny: Told ya.
(Penny and her friends leave).
Sheldon: Why did you hit pause?
Leonard: I thought I heard something.
Rajesh: What?
Leonard: No, never mind.

Quote from the episode The Hamburger Postulate

Sheldon: I don't know what the protocol is here. Do I stay, do I leave? Do I wait to greet them with a refreshing beverage?
Penny: Gee, Sheldon, you're asking the wrong girl. I'm usually on the other side of the tie.

Quote from the episode The Space Probe Disintegration

Penny: Not really a great outfit for work. Unless something opens up in the Hookers & Whores department.

Quote from the episode The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary

Leonard: A long time ago, I made a deal with Howard involving you.
Penny: Okay, I don't know where this is going, but tread carefully, because this may be the last conversation we ever have.

Quote from the episode The Colonization Application

Leonard: It seems a shame to throw it away.
Penny: Yeah. We could give it to Sheldon and tell him William Shatner painted it.
Leonard: God, I love you. I love you so much.

Quote from the episode The Anything Can Happen Recurrence

Penny: Wow, you really struck a nerve. I've never heard him use the M-word before.

Quote from the episode The Large Hadron Collision

Penny: I think I caught the flu. *Throwing up*. Or the plague!

Quote from the episode The Mystery Date Observation

Bernadette: Yeah, it's your third date, maybe you could go more sexy.
Amy: Well, some people think the sexiest organ is the brain.
Penny: No one ever bought me drinks at a bar because my brain just popped out of my shirt.

Quote from the episode The Occupation Recalibration

Penny: Thank you, I needed to hear that. Why can't Leonard understand it?
Sheldon: Because he's not like us, Penny. We're dreamers!
Penny: Yeah, I need to start cracking the window when I leave you in the car.

Quote from the episode The Proton Transmogrification

Penny: And this is also not the right time. Do not propose.
Leonard: What?!
Penny: I know that face. That's your proposed face.

Quote from the episode The Birthday Synchronicity

Raj: Don't come to the hospital. We're headed home.
Penny: Oh, that was fast. Did she sneeze the baby out?

Quote from the episode The Gorilla Dissolution

Leonard: Penny, will you marry me?
Penny: Oh my god, yes!

Quote from the episode The Closet Reconfiguration

Sheldon: Did you also have a dog? Because I found what appears to be a battery-operated chew toy.
Penny: Party's over. Party's over.

Quote from the episode The Troll Manifestation

Amy: Okay, that's enough.
Penny: What, no. I really want to know what happens. And Bernadette really, really, really wants to know what happens.

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