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Quote from the episode The Big Bran Hypothesis

*Leonard tries to slip a note under Penny's apartment door*
Penny: Hi.
Leonard: Oh.
Penny: What's going on?
Leonard: Um, here's the thing. (Reads from the note.) Penny, just as Oppenheimer came to regret his contributions to the first atomic bomb, so too I regret my participation in what was, at the very least, an error in judgment. The hallmark of the great human experiment is the willingness to recognize one's mistakes. Some mistakes, such as Madame Curie's discovery of Radium turned out to have great scientific potential even though she would later die a slow, painful death from radiation poisoning. Another example, from the field of Ebola research-
Penny: Leonard.
Leonard: Yeah.
Penny: (hugs him) We're okay.

Quote from the episode The Separation Triangulation

Leonard: Hey, Sheldon.
Sheldon: Hello.
Leonard: Hey. So, your contract provides for a three-day trial period, and I don't think this is working out. So, to put it in legal terms, the party of the first part would like the party of the second part to get out.

Quote from the episode The Comic-Con Conundrum

Howard: Why don't you just tell her not to come?
Leonard: Well, she's so excited, I can't do that to her.
Howard: What if you make it sound so bad she won't want to go?
Leonard: That I would do to her.

Quote from the episode The Pulled Groin Extrapolation

Amy: Boy, you were not liked in high school, were you?
Leonard: Not really. Is that my yearbook?
Amy: Mm-hmm. Dear Leonard, you're really good at science. Maybe one day you'll come up with a cure for being a dork.
Leonard: Well, it wasn't spray-painting a lightning bolt on my briefcase, I can tell you that.

Quote from the episode The Shiny Trinket Maneuver

Howard: Look, I made Sheldon disappear. Ta-da.
Leonard: Next time, you should open with that.

Quote from the episode The Separation Triangulation

Penny: Hey, how'd it go?
Leonard: Well, apparently he's not leaving and I have to go get him sparkling water.
Penny: Why are you smiling?
Leonard: I don't know. It just feels right.

Quote from the episode The Hot Tub Contamination

Amy: You wanna see other people? Go see other people.
Penny: I hope one of those people is a monkey, 'cause this is bananas.
Leonard: Hey, you can make jokes, but if this keeps up, he's gonna move back in here.

Quote from the episode The Closure Alternative

Penny: So, I was thinking how excited you get about stuff like Buffy or science or which TV remote you and Sheldon should buy.
Leonard: The Harmony One was fine. We didn't need to upgrade to the eleven hundred, which he knows is too big for my hand.

Quote from the episode The Stag Convergence

Leonard: Whoa, it's a little early to start dropping J-bombs, don't you think?

Quote from the episode The Birthday Synchronicity

Leonard: Damn, I need my inhaler.
Penny: Just don't smoke.
Leonard: No, I went down the stairs too fast.

Quote from the episode The Large Hadron Collision

*Penny sneezes*
Leonard: Gesundheit. Or as they say in Switzerland, gesundheit. You getting a cold?
Penny: No, no, it's probably just allergies.
Leonard: Do you want an allergy pill? 'cause I have 'em all. Prescription, nonprescription, foreign, domestic, experimental.
Penny: Do any of them work?
Leonard: Not really. I'm just an enthusiast.

Quote from the episode The Birthday Synchronicity

Leonard: I found it, but it's empty.
Penny: Well, it doesn't matter. We're not going to the hospital now.
Leonard: Are you sure? I'd really like to.

Quote from the episode The Pulled Groin Extrapolation

Leonard: I'm sorry. The bride and groom seem happy.
Amy: Why shouldn't they be? They have a feverish night of socially-approved copulation ahead of them. In some cultures, we'd stand outside of their bedroom cheering as they achieved orgasm.
Leonard: That sounds like a late night, and I have work in the morning, so...

Quote from the episode The Proposal Proposal

Bernadette: Do it! Have a baby, do it!
Howard: Come on, it'd be so cute, our kids playing together? What do you say, why don't you two hit the old mattress and whip up a family?
Penny: Okay, we're not gonna have a baby just to make you guys feel better.
Leonard: Yeah, if we're gonna have a baby it's gonna be when we are ready, or when I'm certain Penny is gonna leave me.
Penny: Exactly.

Quote from the episode The Explosion Implosion

Penny: Hey, where are you going?
Leonard: Back to the dry cleaner. Look at this. They didn't get the stain out of my Starfleet uniform.
Penny: Well, if you didn't make me wear the green body paint in bed, you wouldn't have to get it dry-cleaned so much.
Leonard: Nah, it's worth it.

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