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Quote from the episode The Countdown Reflection

Penny: Okay, I'll go. Howard and Bernadette, I know you two planned on getting married in a big fancy wedding, but when you're in love, it doesn't matter where or how these things happen. It just matters that you have each other.
Leonard: Hmm.
Penny: Problem?
Leonard: No.
Sheldon: I think the Reverend Hofstadter is making an ironic connection between your statement about love and your rejection of his proposal in the bedroom.
Penny: Oh, grow up.

Quote from the episode The Property Division Collision

Sheldon: Well, Leonard, you know, who should keep this? On the one hand, I love Mr. Spock more than you do. On the other hand, I care more about clocks than you do.
Leonard: So you think you should keep it?
Sheldon: I'll be right across the hall. You'll probably be able to hear it.
Leonard: Keep the clock, Sheldon.
Penny: Thank you.
Amy: Thank you?

Quote from the episode The Jerusalem Duality

Howard: (Entering the apartment) Is he here?
Leonard: If he were, I wouldn't be.

Quote from the episode The Solo Oscillation

Leonard: Too bad, you guys kill at bar mitzvahs. And other events that people can't leave.

Quote from the episode The Classified Materials Turbulence

Leonard: Just think. Thanks to your hard work, an international crew of astronauts will boldly go where no man has gone before.

Quote from the episode The Einstein Approximation

Leonard: Sheldon took our order.
Penny: Sheldon doesn't work here.
Leonard: Well, honey, not to complain, but we were starting to think you didn't either.

Quote from the episode The Psychic Vortex

Howard: Listen, before we leave, I should warn you, I'm a passionate man and I tend towards public displays of affection.
Leonard: What are you trying to tell me, Howard?
Howard: There might be some making out in the car or the restaurant, and I don't want Bernadette to feel uncomfortable, so it would help if you and Penny made out, too.
Leonard: Don't worry. We're planning to have sex right on the salad bar.

Quote from the episode The Jerusalem Duality

Leonard: He'll never be able to cope with the fact that some fifteen year-old kid is smarter and more accomplished than he is.
Raj: Well, what if something were to happen to this boy so he was no longer a threat to Sheldon?
Howard: Then our problem would be solved.
Leonard: Hang on, are we talking about murdering Dennis Kim? ... I'm not saying no.

Quote from the episode The Agreement Dissection

Leonard: Oh, cool. I've got a lawyer. And I've seen her naked.

Quote from the episode The Launch Acceleration

Penny: Well, I've been thinking, and maybe I'm ready to take things a little faster.
Leonard: Oh, great. And I promise, after waiting four months, fast is what you're gonna get.

Quote from the episode The Classified Materials Turbulence

Penny: Well, does it bother you, me going out with one of your friends? 'cause you know, you and me.
Leonard: No, no that's the past. I'm really more of a right now kind of guy. You know, living in the moment. Although I do have to live a little in the future, 'case, well, that's my job. Of course, my fondness for classic science fiction does draw my attention backwards, but those stories often take place in the future. In conclusion, no, it doesn't bother me.

Quote from the episode The Agreement Dissection

Leonard: No offense, but shower sex with you is now the second best thing that's happened today.

Quote from the episode The Big Bear Precipitation

Penny: My God, Leonard, do you know what I could do with that kind of money?
Leonard: No, I do, and that's why I hid it.
Penny: What good is it if you don't use it?
Leonard: Uh, you have shoes you love, but never wear. I have money I love, but never spend. We're kind of a cute couple that way.

Quote from the episode The Cognition Regeneration

Penny: Come on, I spent an entire plane ride with you talking about the trailer for Deadpool 2.
Leonard: Ha! I knew you weren't asleep.

Quote from the episode The Launch Acceleration

Penny: You know, just-just one thing. Look, we're in a really great place right now, and I don't want to do anything that will make stuff all weird again.
Leonard: So we won't let it get weird.
Penny: Okay. Oh, and just a heads-up, mm, since the last time you saw me naked, I got a Cookie Monster tattoo. The acceptable responses when you see it are awesome or nothing.
Leonard: What about ... (in a low voice) Cookies!

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