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In The Big Bang Theory's seventh season, Sheldon and Amy's relationship takes a step forward, Penny makes big decisions in her professional and person life, Raj tries to prosper in the dating world with his newfound ability to talk to women, and Howard treats Bernadette to a very special surprise for the anniversary of their first date.

Sheldon and Amy's relationship sees a number of advances. When Sheldon is away visiting his pregnant sister, Leonard reveals to Amy that Sheldon made her his screensaver. For Valentine's Day, Amy arranges a romantic weekend trip to Napa Valley, traveling on a Vintage Train. When Sheldon spends the train journey with a fellow train enthuiast, an angry Amy confronts him about his behavior. Sheldon gets Amy to admit she was manipulating in pursuit of romance, so Sheldon sarcastically gives her the romance she wanted. He drinks wine, stares into her eyes and then kisses her. Though he intended the kiss to be short and sarcastic, Sheldon lingers and seems like he may be enjoying it.

After Sheldon spends their date night obsessing about which games console to buy, Amy asks if he's forgetting something. Sheldon kisses Amy again, suggesting this may now be a routine part of their contractually-mandated date nights. When Sheldon spends Anything Can Happen Thursday with Penny, she takes him to see a psychic. With Sheldon struggling with career changes, the psychic tells him all his issues personally and professionally will be solved if he commits completely to Amy.

During Leonard's four month absence, Penny becomes concerned Leonard's having too much fun away from her. When Leonard sneaks home early just to be with Penny, her fears are allayed. After learning of Howard's romantic gesture for Bernadette, Penny struggles to find a way to romance Leonard. When Penny's idea of giving Leonard a first-edition book fails, she becomes upset that she can't be romantic towards him and shows Leonard all the romantic things he's done for her, tokens of which she's saved. Leonard is touched by the mementos of their relationship and think it's romantic that she's kept so much. Leonard and Penny's relationship survives a big surprise when Penny reveals in a Vegas wedding she thought was fake.

When Penny's part is cut from an episode of NCIS, she becomes disheartened with her life and career. She proposes to Leonard while drunk, but Leonard hesitates to answer. Leonard fears their relationship is over, but Penny reassures him he made the right decision. Penny decides to quite her job at the Cheesecake Factory to focus on her acting career. When Penny is fired from a low-budget movie, she is determined to start making better decisions in her life. Penny tells Leonard that they could married and that this is the kind of smart decision she wants to make. Although Leonard thinks Penny's only saying this because of her career problem, she tells him that getting fired made her reconsider what's really important. The pair agree to get married, so Leonard grabs an engagement ring he's had in his wallet for years, gets down on one knee and formally proposes to Penny, a proposal she accepts.

With his newfound ability to speak to woman, Raj tries to move forward in his love life and find a stable relationship. After inappropriately hitting on the Mrs. Davis, the university's human resources director, at a university social event, and an unsuccessful attempt at online dating, Raj's initial forays into the dating world do not go well. When Penny meets Raj's ex-girlfriend, Lucy, she tells her to call Raj to apologize for the way things ended. Raj meets Lucy and thinks there's a possibility they'll get back together, though Lucy reveals she's now in a relationship. Leonard and Penny's failure to look after Raj's dog, Cinnamon, leads to a visit to a vet, named Yvette, who gives Raj her phone number.

Raj seeks Amy's help in responding to Emily, a woman who contacted him through an online dating site. Emily is turned off by this, thinking Raj is too passive, but finds she has a lot in common with Amy and decides to meet when. Raj interrupts Emily having coffee with Amy, putting Emily off further. The opportunity to date two women at once, in the form of Emily and Lucy, causes consternation for Raj, although he ultimately decides to date just Emily. Raj and Emily's relationship progresses, even in spite of an embarrassing encounter she'd previously had with Howard, and the pair soon take things to the next level.

The Big Bang Theory's seventh season started with an hour-long premiere on September 26, 2013 and contained twenty-four episodes which aired between September 2013 and May 15, 2014. During the seventh season, The Big Bang Theory continued its dominance as the number #1 sitcom on U.S. TV. The show rose to become the top-rated scripted program on U.S. television, overtaking CBS drama NCIS. The second episode of the season, The Deception Verification, is the most-watched episode of The Big Bang Theory ever with 20.44 million viewers. During the season, CBS renewed The Big Bang Theory for another three seasons, taking it through to its tenth season in 2016/17. Before production on the eighth season of the show began, the five original cast members all signed new contracts to return to the show for the next three years.