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Quote from the episode The Fetal Kick Catalyst

Leonard: Never been on this side of the table before. I feel powerful.
Penny: Really? I feel like I'm selling candy so our team can get new uniforms.

Quote from the episode The Zarnecki Incursion

Penny: Oh, hi! I was just dropping off a cheesecake to Sheldon. He was robbed of a bunch of imaginary crap that's useful in a make-believe place.
Priya: I don't know what that means.
Penny: Yeah, well, sadly, I do.

Quote from the episode The Tesla Recoil

Raj: All right! Who's excited to see a documentary?
Penny: Oh, I know this one. Nobody. Ever.

Quote from the episode The Wheaton Recurrence

Leonard: We don't have to talk 'cause there's nothing to talk about. Everything's good.
Penny: Really? So, you didn't get all snarky 'cause I said something nice to a bowl of chilli fries?

Quote from the episode The Engagement Reaction

Bernadette: So it's probably genetic.
Howard: Well, maybe. Mom also had just gotten some news that might have upset her.
Bernadette: What?
Howard: It's not important.
Bernadette: Come on, Howard, I'm going to be your wife. You can share anything with me.
Howard: You'd think that. But no.
Bernadette: You told her we were going to get married and she had a heart attack?
Howard: You can't take that personally.
Penny: How else is she supposed to take it?

Quote from the episode The Misinterpretation Agitation

Bernadette: So what are you working on these days?
Amy: I'm studying one-celled organisms to try and find the neurochemicals that lead to the feeling of shame.
Bernadette: What would a one-celled organism have to feel ashamed about?
Penny: Same as all of us. Getting out of a car without underwear.

Quote from the episode The Anxiety Optimization

Penny: Bernadette's nickname for you is the Virgin Pina Colada.

Quote from the episode The Positive Negative Reaction

Bernadette: So, I'm glad you guys are here. There's something I want to share with you. Howie and I are going to-
Penny: (phone beeps) Leonard says you're pregnant.
Amy: What?
Penny: "Don't say anything. Act surprised when she tells you." All right, how you want to do this?

Quote from the episode The Sales Call Sublimation

Dr. Gallo: Let's put that aside for a minute and talk about why you married Leonard.
Penny: (whispering) I don't wanna.
Dr. Gallo: Here is a man raised by an overbearing woman who completely dominated every aspect of his formative years. Do you think he's perpetuating that relationship by seeking out a partner like you?
Penny: You know, I used to wear tank tops a lot. That was a big selling point.

Quote from the episode The Separation Oscillation

Penny: Sheldon, I can't believe you got us a wedding gift.
Sheldon: I don't know why you're so surprised. I watch movies. I see what people do.
Leonard: What is this?
Sheldon: Plane tickets and hotel reservations for a weekend away in San Francisco.
Penny: That is so great!
Sheldon: Yeah, there's fisherman's wharf, and Alcatraz, and cable cars. We're gonna have so much fun.
Penny: We?
Sheldon: Is there a problem?
Penny: Uh, no, no. I just said "Weeee!"

Quote from the episode The Mommy Observation

Penny: Ooh, I'm going to check the fridge and see if there are any clues inside a beer.

Quote from the episode The Mommy Observation

Penny: If you do something cool in science, you might change the world. If I become a famous actress ... I'm not going to tell you why movie stars are the best, they just are.

Quote from the episode The Escape Hatch Identification

Penny: So, relax. We're happy to have you.
Raj: Thank you, but how do I know you're not saying that just to be nice?
Penny: Do you actually pay for that haircut?
Raj: That'll do it.

Quote from the episode The Sales Call Sublimation

Leonard: Hi.
Penny: Hey, how'd it go?
Leonard: Oh, great. Dr. Gallo is terrific. You know, I-I've always been insecure that no one cares about what I have to say, but she made me see-
Penny: Yeah, no one cares. Did you help me out or not?

Quote from the episode The Emotion Detection Automation

Sheldon: Well, I would prefer if people told me exactly what is on their mind.
Penny: No. No, you don't, you really don't. I actually can't say "don't" enough.

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