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Quote from the episode The Habitation Configuration

Sheldon: Penny, if you wouldn't mind, I'd like to have a conversation about girls.
Penny: I had a weird feeling we'd have a talk like this sooner or later. Are you finally fuzz in weird places?
Sheldon: Penny, please. I'm on the horns of a relationship dilemma. And for the record, I had a full pubis of hair by the time I was 19.
Penny: And for the record, bleugh.

Quote from the episode The Hamburger Postulate

Howard: What do you recommend for someone who worked up a man-sized appetite from a morning of weight training and cardio funk?
Penny: A shower.

Quote from the episode The Hot Troll Deviation

Howard: Would you have opened the door if you knew it was me?
Penny: Not since I found out the teddy bear you gave me had a webcam in it.

Quote from the episode The Cooper/Kripke Inversion

Leonard: Is my coitus whimsically inventive?
Penny: That is what I write on the bathroom walls. For a whimsically inventive time, call Leonard Hofstadter.
Leonard: I know you're joking, but I'd be okay with that.

Quote from the episode The Alien Parasite Hypothesis

Penny: He just didn't really challenge me on an intellectual level.
Bernadette: Couldn't you just fool around with him and then listen to NPR?
Penny: Wouldn't help. Zack couldn't even spell NPR.

Quote from the episode The Parking Spot Escalation

Amy: I guess this is what we get for being with two testosterone-fueled alpha males. At some point, they're bound to lock horns.
Penny: I'm assuming these are some kind of horns they bought at Comic-Con?

Quote from the episode The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis

Leonard: Oh, a gift certificate for motorcycle lessons. Very thoughtful.
Penny: Yeah, and I checked. Not letting the bike fall on you while standing still is lesson one.

Quote from the episode The Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem

Penny: Dr. Sheldon Cooper?
Ramona: We're having dinner.
Sheldon: Sheldon Cooper? Tall, thin, looks a little like a giant praying mantis.
Ramona: He is cute, isn't he?

Quote from the episode The Dead Hooker Juxtaposition

Penny: Well, I'm sure the new people will be just as quiet.
Sheldon: You can't know that. How can you possibly know that? Penny: You know what? Anyone could rent that apartment now. An opera singer, the cast of Stomp, a tap dancing pirate with a wooden leg.
Leonard: Why are you making it worse?
Penny: I tried making it better, he wouldn't go for it.

Quote from the episode The Colonization Application

Leonard: So, where do you want to hang it?
Penny: Are you kidding? We're not hanging it.
Leonard: But it's an expression of our love.
Penny: And our butts. Not hanging it.

Quote from the episode The Graduation Transmission

Penny: Oh, hello. Hi. I didn't know he was going to point it at me, so don't do drugs and stay in school.
Leonard: They're graduating.
Penny: Okay, bye!

Quote from the episode The Separation Oscillation

Penny: Sometimes I worry you're going to wake up and leave me for someone more like you.
Leonard: I don't even understand why you're with someone like me. Why would I want to be with someone like me?
Penny: You know what I mean. And maybe the way I've been reacting was me sabotaging this, too.

Quote from the episode The 2003 Approximation

Penny: Okay, look, we don't need to rush into anything. All right? Maybe instead of Leonard moving in with me, we just leave things the way they are, and sometimes we'll sleep over there, and sometimes we'll sleep over here.
Sheldon: But mostly here?
Penny: Sure.

Quote from the episode The Sales Call Sublimation

Dr. Gallo: Got it.
Penny: Uh, do you have any questions?
Dr. Gallo: Just one. Mm-hmm? When you made your husband pretend to be a patient so you could get access to me, what were you thinking there?
Penny: I just meant a question about the drug.

Quote from the episode The Empathy Optimization

Emily: You know, I know he's a jerk, but I actually feel bad for him.
Penny: And now you see the problem.

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