Fun with Flags

Fun with FlagsSheldon Cooper Presents: Fun with Flags is an online vodcast hosted by Sheldon and Amy on the topic of vexillology, the study of flags. Ten episodes of Fun with Flags, including a behind-the-scenes retrospective (and a behind the behind-the-scenes retrospective retrospective) have been featured on The Big Bang Theory.

Guests on Fun with Flags have included Amy, who co-hosts the vodcast with Sheldon and has also directed the show; Penny, Wil Wheaton, LeVar Burton and Barry Kripke.

The first episode of Fun with Flags was shown in The Beta Test Initiation and featured the state flag of Oregon. The second vodcast, shown later in that episode, featured the flag of Bavaria with Amy dressed up as a giant pretzel.

Wil Wheaton guest starred in a Star Trek-themed episode of Fun with Flags in The Habitation Configuration, but he walked out after director Amy insulted him. LeVar Burton was later drafted in as a replacement. Sheldon welcomed Penny to a Fun with Flags for novices in The Monster Isolation.

Sheldon called time on his vodcast in The Champagne Reflection, declaring Episode 232 the last episode. After one person left a comment on the video, Sheldon decided to revive the Fun with Flags series.

Following his break-up with Amy, Sheldon recorded a special episode of Fun with Flags about countries which split up in The Separation Oscillation. Sheldon talked about the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and Romania and Moldova in the episode, which featured very thinly veiled comments about his split from Amy. After Sheldon sent Amy a link to watch the episode, she demanded he take it down.

To celebrate Valentine's Day as a couple again, Sheldon and Amy hosted a special live episode of Fun with Flags in The Valentino Submergence. Much to Sheldon's chagrin, their vexillological discussion was taken off topic topic when a distraught Raj called in for relationship advice. Barry Kripke's unwanted calls aiming to find a female companion only added to Sheldon's woes.

After moving across the hall to Apartment 4B, Sheldon and Amy hosted their first "on location" episode of Fun with Flags in The Veracity Elasticity. Howard and Raj's band, Footprints on the Moon, were the "house band" and provided the Fun with Flags theme tune. The subject of the episode was regions that had come together, and featured the flags of St. Kitts and Nevis, and the city of Budapest (formed in 1873 by the combination of the Hungarian cities of Buda and Pest).

Sheldon and Amy hosted another episode from Apartment 4B in The Separation Agitation, a live behind-the-scenes special titled Fun with Flags: Behind the Flags - A Retrospective. Howard and Raj's Footprints on the Moon were the house band once again. In the episode, Sheldon interviewed about their (limited) recollections of the birth of Fun with Flags.

In behind-the-scenes footage, Sheldon explained that the idea for Fun with Flags show came to him when he remarked to Penny that Lichtenstein and Haiti had the same flag and only found out at the 1936 Olympics. Penny had told him to find someone who cares, which is just what Sheldon did. In fact, he found almost 200 people, many of whom subscribed on purpose. Later in The Separation Agitation, Sheldon and Amy hosted a behind-the-scenes retrospective on their behind-the-scenes retrospective, titled Fun with Flags: Behind the Behind the Flags - A Retrospective Retrospective.

Fun with Flags Theme Tune

For joy and fun, There's no better manner, Than to fly a pennant, Flag or banner, What fills my heart, And makes my eyes moist, Sending a flag, Up a pole on a hoist, Fun with flags, Fun with flags, Oh! Say can you see, It's fun with flags, Fun with flags!

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Fun with Flags - Featured in these episodes:

  • Season 5, Episode 14 - The Beta Test Initiation

    Sheldon launched his vodcast, "Sheldon Cooper Presents: Fun with Flags", in this episode with an introductory episode, "Flags: you gotta know how to hold 'em, you gotta know how to fold 'em." For the second vodcast, which featured the flag of Bavaria, Amy was dressed as a pretzel while Sheldon was wearing lederhosen.

  • Season 6, Episode 7 - The Habitation Configuration

    Sheldon attempts to record special Star Trek-themed episode of "Sheldon Cooper Presents: Fun with Flags" with guest Wil Wheaton, but Wil walks out after director Amy insults him. Sheldon later welcomes LeVar Burton as a guest for the vodcast.

  • Season 6, Episode 17 - The Monster Isolation

    Sheldon welcomes Penny as a guest on "Sheldon Cooper Presents: Fun with Flags" in an episode featuring the Nebraska state flag.

  • Season 8, Episode 10 - The Champagne Reflection

    Sheldon hosts the final edition of "Sheldon Cooper Presents: Fun with Flags" featuring a highlights reel with guests LeVar Burton and Barry Kripke. When somebody leaves a comment on the video, Sheldon revives Fun with Flags.

  • Season 9, Episode 2 - The Separation Oscillation

    Still reeling from being dumped by Amy, Sheldon films an episode of Fun with Flags alone, focusing on countries which have separated. In the episode, Sheldon not-so-subtly compares his relationship with Amy to the split of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and that of Romania and Moldova.

  • Season 9, Episode 15 - The Valentino Submergence

    For Valentine's Day, Sheldon and Amy host a special live episode of Fun with Flags, but their vexillological show goes off track when a distraught Raj calls in for relationship advice.

  • Season 10, Episode 7 - The Veracity Elasticity

    Sheldon and Amy host their first on-location episode of Fun with Flags from their new home in Apartment 4B, Penny's old apartment. The episode is also the first Fun with Flags broadcast to feature a theme song from the house band, Footprints on the Moon - Howard and Raj's band.

  • Season 10, Episode 21 - The Separation Agitation

    Sheldon and Amy hosted a live behind-the-scenes special of Fun with Flags, "Fun with Flags: Behind the Flags - A Retrospective", which interviewed people connected with the show (namely Leonard and Penny). Raj and Howard's Footprints on the Moon were once again the live house band for the show. Bert, Amy's geologist colleague, called during the phone-in section of the show, but he did not have a flag-related comment or query.

    Later in the episode, Sheldon and Amy hosted a behind-the-scenes special on the behind-the-scenes special, what they called "Fun with Flags: Behind the Behind the Flags - A Retrospective Retrospective". Bert once again called in to comment on his love life.

  • Season 12, Episode 10 - The VCR Illumination

    When Amy returns home to the apartment, a depressed Sheldon has set the stage for a muted "Fun with Flags". After re-evaluating his long-held opinions, Sheldon is now only "Fine with Flags".

    Amy: 'Fine with Flags'?
    Sheldon: Yes, flags, up there flapping around on poles. If you think about it, they're just the strippers of the emblem world.

  • Season 12, Episode 13 - The Confirmation Polarization

    Sheldon and Amy start an episode of Fun with Flags with two apologies about the previous week's show.

    Sheldon: I'd like to start this episode by apologizing on behalf of Dr. Fowler, who made the wild claim last week that there was no national tricolored flag with a purple stripe, when, in fact, the Estonian governorate inside the Russian Empire had a purple stripe on their flag from 1721 to 1917. See? Right there in the middle.
    Amy: And I'd like to apologize on behalf of Dr. Cooper for having his zipper down for the entire segment on the flags of East Africa.
    Sheldon: Sorry, Tanzania, you deserve better.