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Quote from the episode The Skywalker Incursion

Bernadette: If this doesn't get him in to your bedroom, nothing will.

Quote from the episode The Fortification Implementation

Josh: I've always dreamed of having a brother to play catch with.
Bernadette: Keep dreaming.

Quote from the episode The Fortification Implementation

Bernadette: So, Josh, what do you do?
Josh I'm studying oceanography down in San Diego.
Bernadette: Aww, how nice.
I love Finding Nemo.

Quote from the episode The Commitment Determination

Bernadette: I think if Raj wants to break up with a girl, he can do it.
Howard: How are you saying that with a straight face?
Bernadette: *laughs* I don't know.

Quote from the episode The Mystery Date Observation

Penny: Oh, my God, they're coming right towards us.
Bernadette: We got to get out of here.
Penny: Okay. Well, wait, what about Leonard?
Bernadette: He and his tiny bladder can take the bus!

Quote from the episode The Military Miniaturization

Bernadette: I had a plan. I kept leaving Dove bar wrappers around to explain any weight gain.
Amy: Where did you get empty Dove bar wrappers?
Bernadette: From all the Dove bars I ate! I'm pregnant! Try to keep up!

Quote from the episode The Skank Reflex Analysis

Bernadette: (Yelling at Raj) I'M NICE TO EVERYONE!

Quote from the episode The Hawking Excitation

Howard: Oh, come on, the man torments me. I'm just letting him have a little taste of his own medicine.
Bernadette: Sheldon doesn't know when he's being mean because the part of his brain that should know is getting a wedgie from the rest of his brain.

Quote from the episode The Bachelor Party Corrosion

Penny: Thanks a lot, guys.
Bernadette: What did we do?
Penny: Before I made that call, my pig was alive and happy and rolling around in the mud. Now he's illegally buried in our backyard next to my great-grandmother.
Bernadette: Really? They didn't eat him?
Penny: No! He was a beloved member of the family.
Bernadette: The breakfast meat family?

Quote from the episode The Locomotive Manipulation

Bernadette: Now there's two of them.

Quote from the episode The Friendship Turbulence

Bernadette: I said to stop insulting each other. I didn't tell you to take him on a romantic getaway.

Quote from the episode The Gorilla Experiment

Bernadette: This isn't a nonfat yogurt, this is fatty-fat-fat!

Quote from the episode The Scavenger Vortex

Bernadette: Oh my God! You did not just slow down for a bird! You know they fly, right?

Quote from the episode The Convention Conundrum

Bernadette: Those tickets were pretty expensive. I had to give Howie an advance on his allowance. Now he's never going to put his toys away.

Quote from the episode The Status Quo Combustion

Penny: We're engaged!
Raj: Wow. I thought me having sex with Emily was going to be the big news.
*Amy, Bernadette, Howard and Sheldon rush to Raj*
Leonard: Hey, hey. What the hell?!
Bernadette: You guys propose all the time, this never happens.
Penny: You're right. Yay!
*Leonard & Penny go to celebrate with Raj*

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