Poll Question Votes
Which character does Penny belong with? 126,446
Which of the guys is the least geeky? 112,699
Which is the best 'bromance'? 109,303
Which of the characters' relatives is your favorite? 98,722
Who is the best nemesis for Sheldon? 96,287
Which character would you want to be friends with? 92,077
Which character would you want to date? 90,704
Who is most likely to survive an apocalypse? 84,495
Which character would make the best superhero? 79,586
Which character do you most relate to? 74,040
Who makes the cutest couple? 73,433
Who is your favorite character? [2012 Edition] 59,790
Who is your favorite cast member? [2012 Edition] 51,374
Which character are you most like? [2013 Edition] 28,371
Which character would you want in an emergency? [2013 Edition] 27,813
Which character is the best dressed? [2013 Edition] 27,336
Which character would you rather be stuck on a desert island with? 13,636
Who is your favorite of the Big Bang Theory girls? 12,336
Who is your favorite of the Big Bang Theory guys? 11,168
Which character is the most responsible? 9,921
Which characters would you prefer to live with? 9,781
If you could be a Big Bang Theory character for the day, who would you be? 7,003
Which character would you trust with a secret? 4,021
Which character would you ask for advice? 3,527
Which couple would make the best parents? 3,096
Who is your favorite TBBT mother? 3,007
Which character's fashion sense is closest to your own? 2,660
Which is your favorite season premiere episode? [2015 Edition] 1,901
Which couple would you want to go on a double date with? 1,899
Which season of The Big Bang Theory is your favorite? [2016 Edition] 637
Which season finale is your favorite? [2016 Edition] 476

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