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Quote from the episode The Bus Pants Utilization

Sheldon: I'm not saying that all senior citizens that can't master technology should be publicly flogged. But, if we made an example of one or two it might give the others incentive to try harder.

Quote from the episode The Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem

Sheldon: Who's Nowitzki?
Ramona: I'm Nowitzki.
Sheldon: Oh, so you want me to share credit with you?
Ramona: Uh huh.
Sheldon: Get out!

Quote from the episode The Pancake Batter Anomaly

Sheldon: It must be humbling to suck on so many different levels.

Quote from the episode The Staircase Implementation

Sheldon: I assure you, you'll be sorry that you wasted your money on an iPod when Microsoft comes out with theirs.
Rajesh: Do you have an opinion about everything?
Sheldon: Yes.
Howard: And you just assume you're right?
Sheldon: It's not an assumption.

Quote from the episode The Jerusalem Duality

Sheldon: Engineering. Where the noble semiskilled laborers execute the vision of those who think and dream. Hello, Oompa-Loompas of science.

Quote from the episode The Cornhusker Vortex

Sheldon: I grew up in Texas. Football is ubiquitous in Texas. Pro football, college football, high school football, pee wee football... in fact, every form of football except the original, European football, which most Texans believe to be a commie plot.

Quote from the episode The Alien Parasite Hypothesis

Amy: Ears and genitalia.
Sheldon: Interesting. Not body parts that usually team up. What about environmental factors. Describe the scene for me?
Amy: I was sitting in a restaurant with Penny and Bernadette drinking water. Carbonated as it was a special occasion. Penny's friend Zack stopped by and said 'hello' and I said 'whoo'.
Sheldon: Who?
Amy: Zack.
Sheldon: Then why did you ask?
Amy: Ask what?
Sheldon: Who?
Amy: Zack.
Sheldon: All right, lets start over. What did you say when Zack walked in?
Amy: 'Whoo'.
Sheldon: Zack.
Amy: Why do you keep saying Zack?
Sheldon: Because you keep saying who?
Amy: I'm not saying 'whoo' now, I said 'whoo' last night.
Sheldon: And the answer is Zack, correct?
Amy: There was no question, I simply said 'whoo'.
Sheldon: All right I think I have enough to go on.

Quote from the episode The Precious Fragmentation

Penny: Who's Adam West?
Sheldon: Who's Adam West!? Leonard, what do the two of you talk about after the coitus?

Quote from the episode The Pirate Solution

Sheldon: Yes, since their relationship became carnal, Penny has updated his designated term of endearment, distinguishing him from those she calls 'sweetie,' usually as an attempt to soften a thinly-veiled insult.
Penny: You're boring people, sweetie.
Sheldon: Although sometimes, she omits the veil entirely.

Quote from the episode The Locomotive Manipulation

Sheldon: What are the sleeping arrangements? We've only been dating for three years. If we were to share a room people might talk.

Quote from the episode The Desperation Emanation

*Sheldon spots Amy Farrah Fowler outside the apartment*
Sheldon: Oh dear... they really do be crazy.

Quote from the episode The Justice League Recombination

Sheldon: I understand why you're upset. You're afraid that costume makes you look fat.

Quote from the episode The Herb Garden Germination

Sheldon: Doctor Greene, question?
Dr. Greene: Yes?
Sheldon: You've dedicated your life's work to educate the general populous about complex scientific ideas.
Dr. Greene: Yes, in part.
Sheldon: Have you ever considered trying to do something useful? Perhaps reading to the elderly?
Dr. Greene: Excuse me?
Sheldon: Yeah, but not your books. Something they might enjoy. I kid of course, big fan.

Quote from the episode The Skank Reflex Analysis

Sheldon: If it's good enough for Kirk, Crunch, and Kangaroo it's good enough for me.

Quote from the episode The Adhesive Duck Deficiency

Sheldon: According to the inexplicably irritable nurse behind the desk, you'll be seen after the man who claims to be having a heart attack, but appears to be well enough to play Doodle Jump on his iPhone.

Quote from the episode The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification

Penny: Hey. Nice knees.
Sheldon: Thank you! They're my mother's.

Quote from the episode The Wheaton Recurrence

Wil Wheaton: Embrace the dark side.
Sheldon: That's not even from your franchise!

Quote from the episode The Jiminy Conjecture

Penny: Hey Sheldon, whattcha got there a new comic book?
Sheldon: Old comic book. I just got it from the safe deposit box.
Penny: What do you have a safe deposit box for?
Sheldon: Old comic books.

Quote from the episode The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary

Leonard: Can I have a napkin.
Sheldon: I'm sorry, no!
Leonard: But you have a whole bunch of napkins.
Sheldon: Yes, I've moved to a four napkin system, lap, hands, face, and personal emergency. If you like, starting tomorrow, I'll add a guest napkin but I'm afraid there's nothing I can do for you today.
*Leonard grabs a napkin.*
Sheldon: Good luck, that's the face napkin.

Quote from the episode The Good Guy Fluctuation

Sheldon: Bazinga, punk. Now we're even!

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