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Raj: I don't like bugs, okay. They freak me out.
Sheldon: Interesting. You're afraid of insects and women. Ladybugs must render you catatonic.

Howard: I invented a game. Want to play?
Leonard: Sure.
Howard: It's called Emily or Cinnamon. I give you actual quotes I've heard Raj say, and you guess if he was talking to his girlfriend or his dog.

Sheldon: Scissors cuts paper, paper covers rock, rock crushes lizard, lizard poisons Spock, Spock smashes scissors, scissors decapitates lizard, lizard eats paper, paper disproves Spock, Spock vaporizes rock, and as it always has, rock crushes scissors.

Leonard: My point is, while you're spending all this time on your own, building computers or practicing your cello, what you're really doing is becoming interesting. When people finally do notice you, they're gonna find someone a lot cooler than they thought. And for those of you that were popular in high school, it's over, sorry. Thank you. Congratulations.

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Sheldon: Did you know the singular of confetti is "confetto"?
Amy: Interesting, and when would you use the singular?
Sheldon: I'm glad you asked. Amy, you have a confetto in your nose. No, no, no, no. Other side. There you go.

Sheldon: Raj, now, I'm sorry you're suffering. When Amy and I were broken up, I also suffered. And this may sound surprising, but I'm grateful for having gone through it.
Amy: Really?
Sheldon: Yes. I believe our relationship now is stronger than ever.
Amy: So do I.
Sheldon: When we were apart, I learned how important you are to me. And I realize that when two people are in love, sometimes they-

Sheldon: All right. Nothing about this is fun. No one wants to talk about flags, and I haven't spoken in over ten minutes, so, enjoy your new show, Internet. "Dr. Amy Farrah Flower Present ... With".

Howard: He's not showing any symptoms. I guess I'll just go to the emergency room to be safe.
Bernadette: Howie, this is just your hypochondria.
Howard: No, when I sat on the mute button and thought I'd gone deaf, that was my hypochondria.

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